Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Welcome, to yet another project :)

Found this big bad mofo at a local bargain/antique store a while back. It was some sort of Japanese toy that would -at one time in it's life- eject matchbox cars out of its gob when a button was pressed, but now all it did was spoke a bit of Japanese & made a few clicking sounds, but that's about it.

Obviously I didn't buy it for its mechanical serviceability, I only had eyes for it's RT vehicle potential. I'm gunna convert it into a Hovertank come heavy transport, able to roam the wasteland of some degenerate planet, providing protection to the workforce on their way to and from the mines.......Helsreach.

So, let's see what I have planned for it hey.

All the wheels will be removed & the rear most wheel wells
will be filled with rocket engines.

Control panel & bulletproof blister pack windscreen
to be fitted to the conning tower.

Both sections to be bonded together permanently & those "R" symbols
 on the rear section are to be sanded into oblivion.

I've got a WW2 bomber type in mind, but it may prove
impractical if I want to retain the ability to place a mini
inside....time will tell.

This guys going to be mounted on a hidden platform that will raise it about a centimetre off the table.

I've decided that in future I'm not going to mount this or any other large vehicle/building on an aesthetic base, as I think it detracts from the visual impact that it can have on the table. Of course I'm still going to base things that "need" it.... for stability, but for no other reason.

I've already stripped this toy of all it's bits & bobs, so all that's required before I begin the build is to wash it in soapy water & give it an alcohol wipe down.

This project should be completed relatively quickly (famous last words) as I won't have to scratch build so many component's.

And yes, I know that I've got two or three other unfinished projects on the go, but this one got me all excited! Trying to get myself motivated to paint/convert after a long hiatus away from my desk..... any way I can think of.

Congratulations ;)


  1. DO IT !

    You know what? It actually strongly rmeinds me of that Judge Dredd Arc with the people living in everdriving vans because there's no place left in proper buildings.

    Having too much projects is far much better than having none, just think about finishing some from time to time just to keep the mojo up !

    1. Moving house twice in the last year (with the requisite packing & unpacking) has sapped quite a lot of my "get up & go" when it comes to gaming. Knocking this one out in a couple of weeks should remedy that.

      Cheers JB

    2. There are a couple of serial movers around , I'm one of these (4 times in under 3 years) I sincerely symathise ;)

  2. What the...? I do need to see that finished! Oh man! This is going to be just great!

    1. Thanks Suber,

      It should'nt take too long.

      Might have to add a few inappropriate slogans along the side of it as well :)