Monday, 1 December 2014

Slaves to Darkness - The gift that just keeps on giving!

I have a confession to make, I can't draw to save my life! Well, I tell a little lie, I can "draw"......stick men or boot-shaped car's, but that's about as far as my skills go.

What's the above statement got to do with the almighty ROC tome you ask? Stop asking impertinent question's, keep reading & you'll find out!

I would love to be able to paint artistically unique designs on shield faces "freehand". But I know it's never going to happen with my meagre skills. So, what's the next best thing I could think of? Find someone else's unique artwork & shamelessly rip it off, that's what!

And here's where Slave's to Darkness comes in;

About a year ago -while flicking through said tome for the umpteenth time- it dawned on me that in the corner of almost every page there is a small round illustration, almost begging to be used for a shield face. So, last month I nicked my wife's phone while she wasn't looking & rigged it up on a jerry-built tripod. I then began the task of photographing every corner of Slaves that had a circular image in it. The whole book isn't filled with them, some of them also repeat a few times & some of them don't look that great either, but there's still quite a lot worth using....over 35!

After that, it was just a simple case of transferring the images to a Word document, resizing it to fit my plastic shields & Bob's your uncle.

What can you notice in this photo? Apart from my poor framing ability!

I spy a round, almost "shield shaped" illustration, hiding in the corner :)

After a lot of swearing & cursing trying to
resize the images, this is what I ended up with.

Then it was a case of cutting them out.....

.....and sticking them onto my shields.

Once I've added a lick of paint/ink to him he should look like a million dollars!

So, what do you think? Not bad for an afternoon's work hey :)

Cheers big ears!


  1. Very Clever idea! I look forward to seeing what it looks like with paint on it. If the paper proves to be too much of a pain to work on you can also get sheets of transfer material that you could put onto the shield and then paint.

    1. Thanks Blue,

      I reckon if I use really watered down paint or super thinned inks it should be ok with paper......I hope :)

      I've got some of that transfer paper, but I'm saving that up for some banner work.



    If you don't PM me right away with that file I'm going to PM you to get it !

    If you glue these with PVAglue and then paint them with very diluted paints you'll be more than OK, just look at what Nico does :

    I've tried i and it works wonders.

    1. So I slave my guts out to make this & you just want me to turn around and give it to you for free?

      Leave it with me & I'll PM you with it tomorrow...... have to dig it out of the PC void bank.

      Cheers JB, glad you like'em :)

    2. You said for free, I didn't ;)

      Kobe honest I'm seeing right now the perfect base for banners for my chaos renegades, this god damned banners have been what's holding me back to work on them and now I see the light hen it was right under my nose !

  3. :O
    Wow, I wouldn't have come to that solution in a hundred years, I love this kind of lateral thinking. Bravo!

    1. Thanks Suber,

      I just hope I can do the painting side of them justice :)


  4. Excellent idea, thank you for sharing it. I am going to have to try that at some point.
    I am wondering if you use the shield design as a template and then add green stuff could the shield be made 3-D?

    1. You probably could Lee, but that's way above my skill level. Be interested to see it done though.

      Thanks for the positive feedback.


  5. Superb, what a fantastic idea. Thanks for sharing.