Friday, 19 December 2014

Orctober in December, yes, it does happen!

So, here's my entry for Orctober. At this rate of production I should have the rest of my horde finished right about the time we invent "faster than light" propulsion technology.

Let's get on with the show shall we;

Here he be, with with his oversized cigarette lighter.

Took ages to figure out how to do the glowing effect, I think it
turned out ok, but Christ it was a bastard to get right!!

You can see it a lot better well as the beginnings of a casting
flaw on the yellow feed line.

I used my usual basing method, but just added some battlefield
debris i.e. painted up plastic sprue bits.

Overall I'm pretty happy with how he turned out. The armour colour scheme was supposed to be some sort of desert camo effect, but I think it looks ok. The skin tone was a time consuming part of this painting job. I've really only ever painted a couple of orcs in my time -and they were nothing to write home about- so I copied the recipe off of Thantsants blog. I must admit that I deviated quite a bit from his method, as I was starting from a black undercoat, but it did get me most of the way there.

The glowing effect had me stumped for a long time, must have painted that area about five times I reckon. Plasma glow is a lot easier for some reason..... maybe because we have no real world knowledge of the colour of plasma, as we do with fire?

Lastly, thought I'd ask the question, does anyone know of an easy way to removed casting marks from corrugated tubing? It's a real bugger!

Bye bye :)


  1. Wow, you nailed it, I love the glowing effect and the whole Ork itself.

    1. Thank you very much Suber :)

      It was a long time coming.

  2. Every bit of that camo screams RT (which is a good thing). I really love the overall paintjob and how you tied oldschool and newschool in it. That OSL is excellent and works really well, I prefer the red to a blue glow which might have not looked as good with th etone of the model.

    1. Thanks JB :)

      What I meant by the plasma glow comment was only as a comparison. I was never contemplating using any other colour other than red. Just pointing out that we humans can't easily be fooled by an inaccurately painted fire effect. Whereas, with a plasma -or any other coloured effect for that matter- we have nothing to compare it against. Real fire is something we see since birth to the day we die. Wow, that was a long winded explanation :)

      Anyway, I'm glad you liked the mini, it just took forever to finish that's all.


  3. Great work, I love this blog! The weapon arm comes from a SOTTR drop trooper, which is rather horrible to work with so that makes your conversion even better. Love the OSL :)

    1. Thanks Ragsta,

      I bought that donor mini a few years back on a whim, but once I received it in the mail I was a little disappointed. Oh well, more grist for the mill hey :)

      Appreciate the thumbs up on the blog,