Wednesday, 16 August 2017

BOYL cabinets

Hi folks,

I'm back again with another BOYL post. This time it's the cabinets. Now I took high res pics, but they were, unfortunately, taken on my phone. So the quality isn't that great, but I did take a lot, so hopefully that makes up for it. My aim wasn't to just rock up for half a day, blast home and be the first to blog about an event that I didn't take part in in any meaningful way. I wanted to photograph as many of the WD mini's as I possibly could, so that I, and you at home, could have a nostalgia hit. I remember, in previous years, when I wasn't at this event, watching from afar, wishing someone had taken more photos. Well, I tried to do what I had previously wanted others to do. Anyway, enough rambling intro, on with the show;

There were a lot more mini's on display, in a lot more cabinets, but they were from ranges that didn't interest me and or not WD oldschool cool enough.

Next up will be the games. I think I've got another two posts left of BOYL shenanigans :)

Cheers guys.