Saturday, 13 December 2014

Progress on the Hovertank.....

Thought I'd post some pic's of the build here for your interest/bemusement/inspiration/disappointment....either one, take your pick :)

Bandaged in sticky tape while the plumbers glue cures.

I really need to source some different sized plastic G-clamps
 one of these days, they would make this sort of job a lot easier.

Captains conning tower hotglued in place, offending "R" sanded
off all three sections & the roof left off the rear, so that I can
 fiddle around in there without ripping my fingers to shreds.

This is the front "mouth" of the tank. These cavities in the
lower section (that I've placed cables in) were originally
filled by motorised wheels. 

Rear cargo bay, detailed with Araldite tubes, cardboard,
plastic stirrers, corrugated card, wires, pipes, plastic
checker plate etc

The right side of the cargo bay. I went all out and put a control
panel up front too!

Here's a shot showing the cabling work I carried out. Not sure
why I bothered actually, as your not even going to be able to see it
once the beast is done. I just couldn't help myself, once the conversion
bug hits its a bit hard to stop :)

And here's one of the little blighters that I'll be using for the
jet engines. This idea is not mine, it's from one of the first
kitbashed models in history.... more on that later.

So, there you go, progress dear chums. It does happen on occasion :)


  1. :O
    Looking great so far, eager to see more!

  2. Looking good. I'm excited to see where this goes. Love the circuit boards. Always a nice touch.

    1. I kinda think I've wasted my time on all those detail's though. It's probably never going to be seen. But as i said in the post, I tend to get carried away with myself when I'm kitbashing.

      Thanks for the comments Mr Composer :)

  3. The will to copy this is so strong.... Oh so strong !

    1. Go for it JB! It'd be great to see your take on it. But first you need to collect an inordinate amount of plastic food containers & other kitchen detritus before you begin :)