Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Nostalgia trip...well, for me it is anyway :)

I've been back home for about a month now, and I decided to have a bit of a rummage through my old garage to see what I could find. I happened across three of my old high school folders that I used to enjoy pimping with fantasy pictures. 

For those who can remember, a while back l posted about how I regretted cutting up a lot of my old gaming magazines back in the day. The harvested images were destined for use in these folders. Anyway, have a gander at what my teenage "talent" was capable of at that time & make up your own mind if it was a great idea to hack these magazines to bits or youthful stupidity?

Spread eagle, for your viewing pleasure.

Blue headed dude, ROC & a bright red T-Rex ....ace!

Mmmm, Tuff arse termie, about to become a tasty snack. I
never played Toon, but TMNT was a fun RP game.

I've said it before & I'll say it again, Dave Andrews oldschool
 diorama's kick arse!

Inside the mighty folder, where you can see when I first started getting interested
in the opposite sex. Which, as was expected, wasn't reciprocated :(

Can't even remember this tarts name. She was some TV/singer
"wanna be" that fizzled out. Still, she had it were out mattered
 most :D

TMNT was one of the first four player arcade games. It was
quite a good game too, along with Double Dragon.

Paul Benson dreadnought, ROC dudes & mutant dingoes riding oversized mutant grasshoppers, awesome!

Second one. Punisher & flying Ninja Turtle for the win!

Blocked out my name, coz you know, I'm a secret agent.

As you can tell I was on a TMNT kick for a couple of years.
Those freehand Eldar dreadnought canopies were really
something too weren't they!

Nobz, TMNT & GD runner ups.

Those Garbage gang stickers were popular for a while there too. If you haven't
heard of'em, they were basically Cabbage patch dolls all fucked up, groovy!

SciFi T-Rex in an RT setting. You can't see it in this pic, but he was
surrounded by!

Lucky last. Over excited Chaos warrior, flaming Lamborghini &
a very deep, philosophical quote to motivate me during class.

Robotech was (and still is) a favourite anime of mine. First
cartoon I saw that had people actually dying in it!

So much going on in this back cover that I don't even know
where to start.

I used to really enjoy making these when I was a young'n. They helped me cope with some of the more demoralising classes I had to endure during high school.

So, now you know where all my WD's, GM's, C & VG's, 2000 A.D.'s and other fantasy stuff ended up.

I wonder if anyone but myself will be interested in seeing these? Unless it's obviously hobby related, sometimes it's hard to know what to post up & what should best be kept to oneself. Oh well, too late now, I've clicked the publish button.

Good gracious blessings to all you wonderful children of mother earth out there. May you all find comfort & solace in whatever debauchery you find appealing.