Friday, 3 March 2017

Siege Dreadnought V2

Well hello there everybody!

I've been a bit of a lazy git over the past few weeks, but still I managed to tick another unfinished project off of my list anyway. My Siege Dread MKII from almost two & a half years ago! Have a gander at all four of my old posts.....if you fancy a trip down yawn lane :D

I'll not bore you any longer with a boring old intro that even I couldn't be arsed reading if it were someone elses post! So here, I now dump a metric tonne of pics on you instead! Hahahaaaaa!!!!

Up until a few weeks ago, this is how she remained for a bloody long time.

Here are my weapons of choice for weathering things. Brown & rust colours for rust, black for oil stains.

Here are my three trays & three fucked brushes of choice for weathering things.

Here is a large soft bristled brush & an ordinary brush for "repairing" errors while weathering....all of choice you understand.

White benzene solvent by MASTEX, in a glass bottle, on my desk......of choice.

Next up is the application of all of the stuff to the Siege Dread:

Apply dark brown oil paint to object with one of the
fucked up a bastard! 

Spread it around with gay abandon!

Go all Mr Hanky on it!!!!

With the large brush, have at it with some White Benzene.

Now, with another fucked up brush, apply the rusty oil paint to it.

Go at it with the soft bristled brush, trying not to mix the colours too much.

Different angles of the butchering process.

Gratuitous arse shot.

Then repeat the process, but this time don't wash off too much.

Keep building up the weathering till your satisfied.....or have fucked up.

Corn cob thingys left unweathered.....because.

Victim chained up.

Took an age to get the chain to sit right.

Here it is pre-pigment application phase.

Concrete dust added to wrecking ball & claw.

Another arse shot, I'm shameless aren't I!

Clutching his entrails while going for a ride, Yippy!!!!

Poor old Drake had a bit of an accident, how embarrassing.

It's name, coz it has a small cock.

Closer inspection of concrete dust attempt shows that it's sort of convincing.

Small tool and cable aggots on display.

The stairway to hell on the back of it's leg.

"AArrrrhhhh!!!! Get me off a this fuckin thing will ya!!!!!"

In all it's splendour :)

Targeting control stick & forward/backward controls.

Drakes' presence is not only seen, but smelt by those close by as well!

This is just another view isn't it! Lazy cameraman!

Chomp, chomp, chomp!!!

Green glowy things.

If he misses with the claw he can slice it with the underslung blade instead.

"Why did I eat that curry before the battle?!!!!"

So, that was quite a large amount of pics wasn't it! I suppose I could have split this into two posts, one on weathering & pigments and the other on the finished build? But I had a bit of  a reality check and realised that I'm no Grand Master on weathering.....who am I trying to kid huh? So I decided against it, instead choosing to let my creation speak for itself. If you guys like it or think it's lacking in the weathering department then you'll let me know. I'd much rather have a discussion about this weathering malarkey than preach to you about a subject that I consider myself a novice at.

I did however manage to find a couple of different methods for applying pigments online. Both of which don't yield satisfactory results.

Method 1. Gloss coat, mix pigment with water or alcohol and apply. Rub off excess with finger and seal with matte varnish.

Method 2. Matte coat then apply dry pigment. Rub off excess with finger, seal with matte. Apply gloss and then matte to dull.

For me, with both of these methods, among others, I've not had a lot of success. Most of the time quite a lot of the pigment gets blown off when trying to fix it with spray. Or, you manage to get it to adhere well, but looks like mud instead of dust. I usually apply it a few times, stuffing about, until I'm satisfied with the look and just accept that it's not gunna work with the first application. I sometimes apply pigments onto wet paint, which I did for the concrete effect. I just pour the dry pigment directly onto it, which looks more chalky & convincing I think.  

What are your thoughts on this subject guys?