Thursday, 1 June 2017

Giant Slayer

I'm hoping to take part in the suicidal Giant slaying slugfest at BOYL this year. Only problem is, I only have a few of the vertically challenged fellows in my lead collection, just a handful, but I'd never painted one of them up. So, I dug out this Chaos Dwarf and set to work. I also pulled out my old shield design sheet too and had another crack at "painting" them.

Here he be!

Smiling or grimacing? Hard to tell.

I "think" the shield works.

The red skirt looks a bit like a dress I'll admit, but I wouldn't want to point that out to him to his face. 

And here's my old project, ready for another outing:

I just picked one and attacked it with a blue fineliner.

Inks & paint just bleed into the paper. I'm still trying
 to figure out how to get the best out of them actually. 

I banged this guy out in about an hour. They're damn easy to paint up dwarfs, not much on them at all! I hope he lasts more than one round of combat with the big fella at BOYL though. Still gotta come up with a name for him'll be something inappropriate, don't worry :)