Saturday, 12 November 2016

Kulo for November :)

Better late than never hey? :D

Here's the kick arse illustration Erny did for Orctober.

This has got to be THE longest project I've ever undertaken, so far. And it's not even finished yet! Just a lick of paint and he'll be done. All the previous Kulo 2.0 "work" can be seen here, here and.....oh yeah, over here too. So, let's recap a bit shall we;

I started off wanting to create this fugly hombre in miniature, so......

....I procured this guy, and after much hacking, glueing, converting and green stuffing.....

.....I ended up with this. What a friendly looking fella he is too.

Next up is a few pics, accompanied by a whole lot of waffle some info about the mini and the items that Kulos' carrying. Let's begin;

If you look on the right side of his belt (your left) you can see two small round things....their his dual suspensors, to offset
his ample weight, so that the poor buggers still able to get around......and hurt things.

Here you can see his Neuro Disruptor hanging from his belt. And his gut too, yeah, it's showing a bit isn't it :)

I carved it from an Eldar Las-pistol. 

This is what I was trying to replicate, picture taken from the the bible....Rogue Trader

His armoured shoulder pad can't really be providing much protection now can it? I mean, look at his bloody arm!

Power pack for his "other" armour, the kinda armour that you have to turn on.  Oh & his second Bolt-pistol's there too.

The power pack also provides energy for his power fist. There's a club hanging from his belt too, for mashing his spuds with.

"I iz Kulo, I'z da boss Ork here, got dat!!!!"

I've coated his exposed skin area's with a kind of "GS slurry" of sorts, to hide my ordinary sculpting skills, all the joining marks & the super smooth bits of GS. I'm not sure if this will give him a nice & rough, rugged appearance or a rather shitty chalky looking skin tone instead. I guess I'll find that out over the coming days when I start painting him won't I.

Cheerio :)


  1. That looks brill.

    Wonderful conversion!

    1. Thanks Mr Riot :)

      It was a lot of work, but I'm much happier with this incarnation of Kulo than my previous attempt. Now, got to think of a colour scheme?

      Cheers :)

  2. He is kind of a big boy, isn't he? Nicely done Mr. P. Looking forward to seeing him in some more colors and alongside the rest of his gang.

    1. Thanks mate :)

      He does like his squig burgers a bit don't he :D


  3. can you tell me whre the original figure is from? The conversion is spot on. I've just started to use greenstuff again and it is `tricksie' ! You've done a great job, and I'm looking forward to seeing the model painted.

    1. Hi Phil,

      Here tis;

      Yeah, GS & I aren't on the best of terms either. Seems to like sticking to everything else apart from what you want it to. It's like some chemical engineers cruel joke!

      Thanks for the compliment. Here's hoping I can do his paint job justice.


  4. He's looking awesome, can't wait to seem him painted.

    A tip from a friend of mine who sculpts for Old Glory is to wipe your fingers on your nose before handing green stuff, letting the grease from your skin keep the green stuff from sticking to your fingers (sounds gross!).

    1. Yeah, that sounds very unappealing :)

      It's funny isn't it, this stuff is one of the mainstays of miniature sculpting/converting, yet the shit don't wanna stick to'd rather adhere to your fingers or the tools your using instead! It's kind like using Super glue, given the choice, that stuff would prefer to glue your fingers together than glue anything.

      Someday, there'll be a man who'll rise above all others & he alone will create something that will be fit for this purpose......someday.

      Cheers Andrew :)

  5. The dog's bollocks really. There's some serious time and work gonein this guy and it does pay. It's rare to see real fat characters working in model form but he does.
    I'm eager as hell to see him painted now.

    1. Thanks JB, I've been keen to know what you thought of him :)

      I'm really happy with how the proportions worked out on him. A vast improvement compared with my last effort, "Mr balloon Ork", I'm sure you'll agree :D

      I'm really looking forward to seeing how a fat Ork looks, all painted up as well. As you say, it's pretty rare to see them, so I'm gunna get him knocked out pretty fast...this week for sure!

      Thanks mate :)

    2. Major improvement for sure.
      There's one thing I forgot to comment on and which doesn't end to surprise me, your use of wires. It seems you always end up using rigid wire you bend which is exactly something I can't manage to do (attempts always end up with me losing temper).

    3. What can I say JB.....I'm just supremely talented and skilled. I can't help it really, no matter how hard I try to keep my genius under wraps, it just burst out & shows me for what I truly am....a god among insects.

      All joking aside, copper wire is a hell of a lot easier to bend than steel. You can get away with bending the copper wire at sharp angles by first making an over exaggerated bend , then correcting it at the sharpest bend....if that makes sense? :)

      A few tips;

      * Try to use your fingers as much as possible to make the bend.
      * Use jewelers pointy nose pliers, the ones without teeth.
      * If you've just got normal pliers, just use toilet paper to wrap whatever you want to bend in it, so that it cushions it from the teeth.
      * And most importantly, steady as you go on the bend. If you want to make a sharp 90 degree turn, just work up to it with little bends every few millimetres.

      All I've got are a couple of normal pointy nose pliers & a cheap shitty ring forming plier. The rest is just bodging it as I go.

      I just had a bit of a Google around, if you type in "ring forming pliers" & "wire bending pliers" you'll come up with some amazing looking tools.....I think I may buy some too :)

      If you've got any queries on my mediocre explanations JB, just ask me for clarification. I'm all ears :)

      Cheers mate.

  6. My epic-o-meter just broke in pieces. Wow, man, that is truly inspired! Great!!

    1. Yeah!!! I broke something over the internet :D

      I'm glad you like him Suber, expect him with a lick of paint on him by the end of the week.

      Cheers buddy :)

  7. Dude, this is amazing. That neuro disruptor alone deserves a round of applause! Can't wait to see this hombre painted up :-)

    1. Thanks Mr Lead,

      I know there's a couple of "off the shelf" Neuro Disruptors that I could have used for this project, but they don't actually look much like the original illustration. I really like the RT version of this weapon, so I thought "why not just carve one up?" It looks ok atm, I just hope I can paint it up to look like crystal :)

      Paint is being applied at this very moment.

      Cheers :)