Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Kulo 2.0.....the next bit.

Ernys' running Orctober again, Yahoo!!!! And as such I thought I'd offer up Kulo as my entry for this year. This is the awesome illustration Erny put up for the competition....his really talented isn't he!

Anyway, here's some WIP shots of THE fattest space bastard in the known universe;

Belt straining under his ample girth.

Power fist "borrowed" from a Reaper mini...can't remember which?

Bolt pistol made from a plastic gretchin pistol
 & a magazine from one of my custom Bolter's.

Belt was carved from the original FB Minder mini, the
one I half heartedly attempted to make the first Kulo from.

For scale, Thrugg approves :)

So, now all I've got left to do is fatten up his head & mount it, make another bolt pistol, fabricate a Neuro Disruptor.....and, oh yeah, a lot of GS too :D

Realistically, I don't think I'll have him ready for Orctober, but that's ok. I was late for it two years ago! Anyway, it's all good. He'll get done, soonish.

Cheers fellas :)


  1. He's coming along great, can't wait to see him finished!

  2. So great. This is coming along more than nicely, looking forward to more!!

    1. The next part, the head, is going to be the trickiest part to pull off. So I think it might take a while :D

      Cheers Suber.

  3. Man you'll have deserved a good rest after this bad boy for sure ! He's comoing along nice though.

    1. Thanks mate. I'm not bothered with the bulk of the remaining conversion, it's just his head that's giving me a headache. Coz even if the body work is much arse, if the head looks like an abortion, then the whole mini will look like a piece of shite.

      Next installment will be the completed bastard :)

      Cheers mate.

    2. Damn typo!

      "kick arse"

      Hehe :D

  4. Good luck with your fatty. He looks great so far. And happy Orktober!

    1. Thanks Matthew :)

      And a merry Orctober to you too :D

  5. Looking good so far. Great combination of bits and parts there. Should work out pretty darn well, that. Will be interesting to see how he fares in the assault that is to come.