Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Eldar, new & improved.

Very early on in the year I had begun converting up a few Space Eldar. They got shelved, because something else shinier & more alluring came along and distracted me. But recently, while I was making Kulo, I was struck with a sudden burst of enthusiasm to convert some minis again, must have had something to do with using the GS I think? Anyway, with what little confidence I had gained with pushing putty along the way, I decided to convert up the remaining Eldar, to complete my smallish Eldar pirate crew. Here they are;

"Come in Brian? Can you hear me Brian....over" " I'm right beside you Phil.....are ya fkn blind!!?"

As you've probably guessed, these two Eldar are the other two crew members from the heavy weapons teams. I bought these guys along with their pals eons ago, but not to use as they were intended. You see, I've always thought they looked pretty cool as stand alone minis. But these two (as opposed to the other two minis from the teams) couldn't really be used as straight forward combatants. Wielding their funky looking Artillery sights just doesn't fit....for me anyway. So, out with the saw & I "fixed" em but good!

Mini's in opposite positions to the original shot......stupid cameraman!

Right guy had his sight amputated & refitted after silly design choice.

A Heavy Bolter says to your enemy in no uncertain terms "I'm more than OK with collateral damage!"

Power fist made from an Old Glory robot arm part.

I tried using GS to add a bit of detail to the Power fist. I carved the integral cable off of the back on the guy on the
right because it wouldn't match up with the rear of the Heavy Bolter. I replaced it with copper wire.

Next victim candidate;

I feel like chicken tonight!

Mmmmmm, chicken!

This guy had nothing wrong with him, apart from wielding a shuriken catapult that I was a little bored with. So I set about replacing it with a portable BBQ instead. I want my Space Eldar to be a rag tag kinda bunch, so any non-standard issue Eldar weapon is ok by me.

It was a pretty straight forward conversion i.e. weapon swap with the barrel shortened and a guitar string for the feed tube. Followed by a bit of GS....job done.

Last butchered converted mini;

Standing is normal, prancing on the battlefield is not.....fact!

I think I'll paint the tanks up like glowing energy cells? So they don't look like what they are :P

Drilled the barrels, so you know he means business.
"I dare ya to come over here and say that!!"

This guy was already broken when I got hold of him....can't recall where that was from, doesn't matter. He was legless, really! Broken off at the ankles and missing his wings. After looking at the original position of this guys stance it appeared that he was supposed to be leaping or something, coz his feet mated up to his ankles so that he'd be on his tippy toes. Now I'm sorry, but that's not the way I like my pretend space warriors to enter the battlefield! *

I stuffed about with his feet, angling the toe tips down at a more normal position, and pinned the bastard into a "proper" pose on his base. Next was his back pack & cable.....just coz I think it looks good. I'm thinking this guys carrying a Las-cannon....three barrels have gotta mean that, right?

I've finished converting up all of the Eldar minis that I wanted to now. In total I've got eighteen of them, about six or seven of them converted. I've primed them, now they just need a lick of paint & the whole nasty crew will be one big happy family!

I is done runnded out of fings ta says.

* I think this guy was originally a Swooping Hawk Exarch?


  1. Those look awesome! The two crew members, especially, look like completely different models even though they've had only minor changes.

    1. Thanks Andrew :)

      The power fist dude kinda turned out a little like an old confrontation mini I think :)


  2. Hey, those are some skilled conversions. Nice work so far!!

  3. Replies
    1. I actually don't much like GS, reluctantly, I've been getting a bit of practice with it recently. So I'm getting a little better :)

      Cheers :)