Wednesday, 16 March 2016

RT Eldar.....on the roid's man!

Just about finished pimping up the two Eldar minis. Thought I'd show some progress shots.

Here's the first victim, originally the Las-cannon dude;

Have Plasma-cannon, will travel.....and kill lots of shit too!

I'm either gunna GS this gap or install a power pack for the cannon instead.

I'll make a beefed up shoulder pad with GS to fill this gap.
I wanted to use an original Plasma-cannon from the RT range, but I wasn't able to locate any....or more specifically, any at a reasonable price! So I had a look at Forgeworld under their 30K range & noticed that they produced a heavy weapon set that IMO looked better than the originals!

I replaced the helmeted head with a resin copy from the donor mini that I mentioned in the previous post. To fill in the big chunk I had carved out of his right arse cheek I added a helmet, also taken from the donor mini.

Next up was the Lasgun guy;

Here you can see his right shoulder pad that I repositioned ever so slightly.

It wasn't by much, but it allowed me to lay his arm across his chest in a more natural position.

So that he could wield this intimidating Chaos Renegade Grenade launcher!

If I had known which weapon I was going to give him I probably could have kept the bulk of his appendage's intact...hindsight can be a bitch when converting up minis. The Grenade launcher was kindly donated by GoblinLee. Hope you approve of my heretical use of it? Cheers buddy :)

I've still got a little bit of tidying up to do before I'll call these guys finished, but the bulk of the conversion work is done. Next up is some extensive filling & reshaping, then they'll be ready for the brush. So, what do you guys think? Do you reckon that they look better or worse than the originals?

Cheers all :)


  1. I have an original eldar plasma canon I'd have sent you for whatever it would cost to ship from the USA (which still might be cost prohibitive!):

    1. Thanks for the kind offer Andrew, but I'm deliberately trying to steer clear of typically Eldar weaponry. My interpretation of the old ELdar Mercenaries is of a make-shift & "use whatever weapon blast's the best" kinda outfit. Plus, I do like to convert & kitbash a bit too.

      Thanks once again :)

  2. I understand, I'm just trying to shift stuff taking up space :p Honestly, what you did looks better anyway!

    1. Thanks Andrew, I'm glad you like them :)

  3. Very cool... and brave! I've chopped up my fair share of old lead, and it's usually a pain in the buns :-)

    1. Yeah, the last guys being a right pain ATM. I've had to carve out more of his chest too :)

      I'm not sure if I'm being brave or stupid? Maybe I should have left well alone?