Monday, 25 April 2016

Kulos' open heart surgery.

Hi all,

Short post today. I spilled some of Kulos' guts today, and I'm pretty happy with how it worked out.

I took plenty of reference photo's before I got stuck into him.

The high lead content of these old mini's made the task of removing his belt buckle surprisingly easy :)

I marked out where I wanted to cut into his chest with a black texta. 

I then ground quite deeply into & along those lines, allowing me to open up his jacket.
This will (hopefully) provide ample room for his GS gut to be inserted.

So, step one is complete. Now I gotta wait for his arms to arrive and I can continue. See ya round :)


  1. Cool work, there must be some Kulo love in th air right now because I saw 2 WIP sculpts of him on FB yesterday only !
    Yours is heading right and the buckle removal is a nice move as sculpting buckles is always a chore (in my book).
    You've got room to play here and just a double chin and fat belly will already be great !

    1. Really! Two of'em?!! Wow, my efforts must have had an effect :DDD

      I sometimes wish I'd jumped onboard FB, but after seeing the amount of drivel my wife wades through each day on it I'm kinda glad I didn't ;)

      Yeah, the buckle was something I was glad to have keep intact too. You know how much I love GS'ing.

      Hopefully the rest of the conversion will go smoothly.

      Cheers buddy :)

  2. That is some nice conversion work done!


    1. Thanks Peter, glad your liking my hacking skills :)

  3. Woooooh, I love this mini! What arms are you going to use?

    1. Hi Maxi,

      Originally I was planning on using some Ogre Kingdoms arms, but once I got hold of some they proved to be too large....proportionally. I'm not sure what to use now. I could try and bulk up some standard Ork arms? Dunno.

      I'm concentrating on his gut ATM. That's a battle in & of itself :)


    2. What about some old plastic ork arms? You could beef them up with some GS. Actual ork arms could do the trick, but are muscular rather than fat.

      I will follow this closely...

    3. Yeah, they are quite muscular. I'll keep playing around with different arm combo's to see which fits best.

      Thanks for your interest Maxi :)

  4. First time sculpt? Excellent - I would like to start using this stuff and your achievement so far is very encouraging. I like the nipples personally - was going to suggest a belly tattoo rather than a T shirt but the other comments are good points too. The arms - size wise no problem here. The pose - I feel like his arms should be less raised, suggesting less motion for the wee fatty. The knuckle duster arm in particular could benefit from angling further down. Just my tuppence though! Keep it up! Now where's that green stuff....

    1. Yo,

      I think I'll have to ditch the nipples if I add a T-shirt, which I most probably will. Regarding the arms, I agree that he should look more sedentary (like they original illo), but I've not got a lot of range with the arms to suggest that. If I put them both by his side then he'll look a little boring. But I do agree that with his power fist raised like that he looks a little too active.....requires more pondering on this issue me thinks.

      Thanks for critique and we'll wishes Ragsta, lovely stuff :)