Sunday, 3 April 2016

An itsy bitsy tutorial.

Hello again,

Just thought I'd blog about one of the method's I use to personalise my RBT01 Space Marines.

How to go from one strangely positioned pistol arm to a "cooler" bolter wielding one?

I basically cut the pistol off of the hand, cut the forearm off, turn it 180', drill right through the centre of it all & pin it together. Oh, and I added a mag too.

And viola!

Here it is fitted to the leader of the Space Wolves.

There's a few tricks to modifying these placky marines, one of them was even mentioned soon after the original kit was released, in The Compendium by Nick Bibby I think? That was, to cut off the shoulder bosses from the bodies so that the arms fit better. Back then, when I first read this, I thought it was fine to read this type of advice. But if you think about it, this sort of internal comment wouldn't be allowed nowadays. Telling your customers that "Our brand new product has a design flaw, to fix it you'll need to hack bits off of it for it fit together properly". Naaahhhh, I don't think this would pass today. Anyway, I'm glad I read about it back in the helped :)

I like playing around with their poses, It's quite easy to do with plastic...drills easy :) But the bugger is filling in the gaps that I end up creating in the process. I'm yet to settle on a tried & tested method to solve this issue. Obviously I'll be trying out a few different materials in the coming weeks to find a "good" one.



  1. You're insane mec. Converting those RTB01s requires a lot of patience and green stuffing, more than I can handle... (bows with respect)

    1. Hey! When did I ever suggest to you that I wasn't sane? :DDD

      I'm gunna try to fill the gaps in "interesting" ways. Call it an "experiment in motion" ;)

      Cheers buddy

    2. In intersting ways but still with modelling putty right ?

  2. No, probably acrylic caulking compound or liquid green stuff? Not sure yet. Just want to try a few things. I don't really like normal GS to tell you the truth...I just end up swearing a lot coz it sticks more to the tools than the job & I get left with my finger prints in it too :(