Sunday, 22 May 2016

More Bullock's.....

So, since my last post I've made a fair bit of progress on the bike. It's almost a complete unit now, but still requires quite a lot of detail work before it'll be done. What follows is a bit of the construction work I've carried out so far...albeit with a limited amount of photo's showing the initial phase of the build. I forgot to wield my phone camera at the start, as I was too focused on making the damn thing. You'll just have to believe me that I made this and not my neighbour :)

Now, here's some dazzling images for you all:

My very own MK14 Bullock Jet Cycle design studio hahaha.
Where it's at now.
Tail section built up with plastic, cardboard and GS.
Still quite a bit to go, but it's coming along.

Here's some stuff about how I made some of the separate components:

The grille was made from a Lego piece.
Many fingers were glued together while making this :(
The "exhaust" section was made from a Lego block and a Tau weapon. 
Lego piece severely reshaped & the barrel cut off of the weapon.
Cut in half & trimmed to desired form.
The beginning of the winglet redesign.

That took me about a week to between tea/beer breaks. I'm not going to give a time frame on this as I almost always never finish anything that I say I will. Let me just say that I'm happy with the progress so far. The only hurdle I have ATM is trying to source resin so that I can cast this sucker up once it's complete. The only supplier I can find here will only provide in minimum quantities of 10kg! A tad more than I'd ever need in my lifetime, or the next.

Alright, enough verbal diarrhoea from me today gents. 

May all of your breathing activities be enjoyable :) 


  1. Check craft stores for resin. In the USA, a lot of them del casting kits and accessories, including smaller amounts of resin.

    1. Ahhh, but you see, this little black duck ain't living in no "US of A". I'm living in the "SE of Asia", where our kinda hobby is as rare as the rarest thing on a really rare, rare thing! It's a mighty tough quest I'm on....did I mention how rare it is?

      Anyway, thanks for going to the effort of passing on some advice. I honestly appreciate it :)

    2. That's one of the difficulties of our hobby. With all kinds of different laws and customs, what's widely available in one place is next to impossible to find in another!

      Good luck!

  2. Fantastic. I love these step-by-step pics. It's great to see junk transformed into a little work of art.

    1. Thanks Matthew :)

      Yeah, I do too. That was (and is) a big part of how I got into kitbashing in the first place....seeing what stuff people used to create awesome things with. It's a great motivator when you can find that same stuff in your cupboard or fridge....might have something to do with me being too lazy to go out shopping for hobby supplies as well?

      Cheers :)