Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Super sizing a boltgun.

As part of my insane quest to build a MK14 Bullock jet cycle from scratch, I needed some RT style bolters to mount on the front. Suitably chunky bolters too, if I wanted to retain that oldschool aesthetic.

Unfortunately for me (and you too), Citadel never produced chunky RT style bolters, like the type found on the original bullock. Sure, they made them, but they were integral to a miniature, being held by the dude.....not the bolter on it's own. Well, I tell a little lie, they did produce a couple of "free standing" bolters, but they were titchy small.

The only other option was to use the RBT01 placky bolters. Their side profile is great, plenty of detail. But front on, their just too narrow compared to the original bullock bolters. So, the solution? I'd need to make my own. No biggy, I just raided my bitsbox for a couple of RBT01 boltgun's & set to work.

Here's how I solved my dilema:

Standard RBT-01 placky bolter.

Grabbed two of them.

Sanded each one on either side, down to the parting line. 

Glued the two halves together.

Re-fIt a new barrel & pistol grip, done.

Old & new side by side.

What do you think?

Some of you may be thinking I'm mad, wasting my time. Could have easily just bought bolters by the dozen off of eBay. But I didn't want just any old type of boltgun though. There's two issues with the post RT bolters; Apart from all those stupid skulls sculpted onto every spare bit of space, the magazine is in the wrong place. Well, it's actually the correct place if you want to look at it from a logical &/or mechanical stand point. But aesthetically it's all wrong....for RT. And it would have shown up like dogs balls if I'd chosen to use them instead of the old style one's.

Anyway, it didn't take me that long to make it. And now I've made a silicone mold of it as well, I can cast them up whenever I feel like it. I'm sure I'll have a need for them in the future sometime.

Cheerio fella's :) 


  1. Really cool, I'm sure you'll find plenty of uses for those bolters. They really look like the best of both worlds

    1. Thanks Mr arse :p

      I'm sure they will too....just gotta find an outlet here where I can buy resin before I can start making them.

      Cheers buddy :)

  2. Great attention to detail mate - this will deffo pay dividends on the finished jetbike

    1. Yeah, they've gotta be chunky or it'll just look shitty :)

      Ta Balloony.

  3. Big improvement over the skinny ones (although that magazine placement always irks me!)

    1. You mean how it's almost at the end of the barrel and the ejection port is all the way back, just above the pistol grip? Yeah, it makes no sense ;)

      Glad you like the fatter version bolter....I think it looks the business :)