Tuesday, 29 March 2016

It's the Wolf Time bro :)

Warning, spoilers ahead!!!

Ok, I've decided to shelve my Eldar project for the time being....along with the rest of my other half finished projects:) The reason? The wolf time scenario from the Book of the Astronomican has lured me away, that's why.

I've been  procrastinating about doing this for years. Originally I wanted to be an active player in it, so I resisted reading it for ages, hoping that one of my mates would get enthused enough to run it.....never happened :(

Fast forward a few more years, and after reading a few batreps of it on the blogosphere I gave in and read through the entire campaign in my old PDF copy. But in doing so I had knowingly marked myself as the GM to run it. That wasn't an entirely bad thing though, because it seems like it would be a lot of fun to run.

Around the same time as the batrep reading, I canvassed the Oldhammer forum for advice on conversion/proxy ideas for one of the main characters. But typically I didn't get any further than that. That was until I got my grubby little mits on an original copy a few months back, albeit in need of some serious repair. Once I'd finished that exercise I had pretty much settled on the idea of running it myself though. I carried out a bit of a stock take of what minis I had in my collection a few weeks ago. Looking for one's that were "game ready" & what I'd need to paint/convert/procure.

Here's what I have with me that's ready to go:

40 Space Ork's,
The Citi-Block tile set.

And what I'd require to fill in the gaps:

15 Space wolves (Howlers) aka tactical squads,
10 Space wolves (Snarlers) aka Devastator squads,
5 Space wolves (Tearers) aka Assault squad,
5 Space wolves on Jet cycles (Trackers),
6 Space wolf characters,
5 Ork Nobz. There's 8 needed in total, but I reckon I can do it with 5.
1 Ork character model.....I can make do with what I already have for the others I think.
A couple of set terrain pieces.....and lastly,
"Dungeon floor plans 1" & "Dungeon Rooms".

Quite a dismal start huh? What the hell have I got myself in for?!!!

Alright then, to the first order of business, the marines. I've had a bunch of these dudes in a bag for a couple of years. Bought cheap (and painted accordingly) on the bay when I was on my Space Marine conversion trip. They've come in handy quite a few times for testing paint schemes & the like, but now I've brought that malarkey to an end. Here's the proof chums:

Here's what fifty odd, poorly painted & half assembled placky marines look like.

The painting was "amazing".
'Eavy Metal, eat your heart out :D

Into the acid bath ya go ya filthy bastard's...muuhaahhhh!

Ready for the real work to begin, removing old glue and scraping off mold lines. Or as I like to call it...."mini whittling" :(

Now, I'm the first to admit that there's a shit load of work to be done, but I've got three months to get it finished by. So in all honesty I reckon that should be plenty. Why three months? That's when I'll be flying back home again for a holiday. If I ever do manage to complete this mad project, it should be "fun" trying to get it to it's destination (and back again) in one piece :DDD

Wish me luck.


  1. Man you got ball ands panache for sure !
    Heavy plan but no mean feat when you'll have this done !

    1. Thanks JB,

      Yeah, I know it's a big task, but I'm looking forward to running the wolf time a lot. Hopefully that's motivation enough :)

  2. You can do this! You mass produced all those Orks not so long ago, have faith! I'll be tracking progress for sure - it's your fault I picked up the Rogue Trader book and Compendium already so may as well try to find this one too :D

    1. It's definitely doable, I'm not worried about the placky marines. It's the character models and bullock jet cycles that will make it a tight squeeze.

      I'm happy to hear that I sort of pressured you into RT too :p

      Cheers Ragsta :)

  3. What are you stripping the plastic marines in?

    1. I used Dettol this time, only because I didn't have my "go-to" paint stripper on hand. I usually use acetone free nail polish remover. As I can't stand the constant smell of pine on the minis after I've stripped them with Dettol.

      Once I'd cleaned them in the Dettol I bathed them in a weak alcohol solution (70%) that I can buy cheaply at the chemist here. It took a bit of the smell away & removed the Dettol residue completely.