Thursday, 21 January 2016

Tiny Tim

Well folks, welcome to another instalment of "Mr Papafakis' world of wonder".....otherwise known as "dribble aplenty". Just in case your new to this party, here's Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3 of the construction of this Siege Dreadnought, which I'm going to tell you more about momentarily.

It has a name, Tiny Tim. Why? Because it was the first thing that popped into my head when I approached it's bosom with my pen that's why.....aahhh bosoms :)

Now, on with the kitbashing porno!

Behold!!! It's ready to paint!

Moniker "welded" on for longevity.

"Cock Bolter" all wired up. Strategically placed red & black wiring :P

Sacrificial victim....weapon swap botched by previous owner.

Guts added with acrylic caulking via syringe. The lugs are there to hold his restraint be added after paint.

Look at this glorious side.....glorious isn't it?

Battlefield repair i.e. plate welded over gaping hole. Chains welded onto wrecking ball too

The arse end rear view with ball bag testicular cabling hanging low.

"Power core's" aka corn cob holders :)

That's not a whole heap of snow scattered over various parts of him
either. I use acrylic caulking compound to replicate welds.

Chomp chomp!!!

So, he/it is least, the conversion bit is anyway. Now it's the colouring in phase where I'll be trying hitherto untried rusting technique that I mentioned on the last post. I actually think this guys gunna be a little bit of a bugger to paint up. I've got quite a few different elements to consider i.e. painting up the victim, then the basic panel work, then the glowing power cores and finally the wrecking ball. Oh well, got no one to blame but myself do I?

So, Tiny Tim will be ready in about......aarrhhh fuck that! I'm not even gunna hazard a guess when he'll be done. He'll be finished when he's finished :) 

Until next post,
Cheers to all you lovely humans out there.


  1. Tim Tim TIMEEEEH !
    I'm sucking every drop of these WIP posts dry. They give me that stupid happy face every time.
    Damn, those wireballs had me in tears...

    1. I think we have the same crude, twisted sense of humour JB. And this is me when I self censor! Can you imagine what it'd be like if I didn't? :D

    2. Yeah, it'd be a lot of fun for us, but I might get arrested :(

      Better er on the side of "slightly offensive" humour & stay just shy of "WTF is this guy on" comedy...even though the latter is more fun :D

      Cheers buddy.

  2. You took this pervert to another level, ooh, looking forward to seeing it finished!

    1. He's no pervert! He's a flasher! Two very different sides of the same coin though :D

      Glad your liking him so far Suber.

  3. Awesome! The sacrificial trooper with special guts decoration makes this build an 11/10!

    1. Thanks Ace, he should turn out pretty good after I've gored him up too :)


  4. Oh, that's brilliant! (Why do I feel like I'm always saying that when near your blog?) The acrylic caulk is a great idea I might have to misappropriate. And the cabling saves the need for the trailer hitch ornaments that might otherwise have been obligatory. Very well done Mr. Papafakis. Entirely up to your usual standards.

    1. Cheers Composer,

      Yeah, the caulk works a treat. I apply it with a syringe that has a very needle point. I bought it from a hairdresser supplies shop.

      I'm glad your liking the progress :)