Saturday, 9 January 2016

Yet another Siege Dreadnought!

What can I say, I suffer from an addiction for building concrete smashing, towering wrecking machines. I made my first foray into this madness about a year & a half ago with a kitbashed RT Dreadnought....which was a bit of a failure. His appendages were way out of scale, but it was a fun project none the less, and besides which, even a failed project still gives an opportunity to practice :)

Next up on the project time line is the actual focus of this here blog post. Starting out as a Bandai robot model kit. I started building and modifying it at the start of last year. Then I got side tracked and put it to one side....for quite a while :)

But then I actually finished a Siege Dreadnought a few months back! And now I'm ready and raring to go with the second build again. I'm not going to make it overly complicated, otherwise it might end up like my Hovertank .....sigh :( That will be done too, but later, just a bit later ok :)

So, now that that intro/excuse blurb is over, here's a short little blog post, just to prove that work has recommenced. Enjoy :)

Hulking machine, ready to be subjected to more butchery by my poorly manicured hands.

Siege ladder, stolen from a toy fire truck. This will be mounted close to his shoulder. 

The wrecking appendage, awaiting it's wrecking implement.
What's this!? A spiky ball of carnage! I wonder where this will reside?

There's still a lot of work to be done, but I'm happy with how it's progressing. I'm gunna add a few cosmetic bits & bob's to him, ala spiked feet, a few "cock" bolters, control levers and a dash pad etcetera, but not enough to make it a very long build.

Paint wise, I'm going to try and give him a "heavily aged/rusted look". I've been keen to try out this technique in the past, but I'd never come across an adequate (at least in my mind) tutorial that covered it in enough detail. I've also not had a model that l thought would suit it either. That was up until a couple of weeks ago, when I came across this guys "rusting tutorial" on weathering up an old car body. After having a look through it a few times I'm pretty confident with how to go about achieving the look I'm after on this guy....stay tuned :)


  1. Replies
    1. Wow Suber! That's super fast replying. I only just clicked the publish button a few seconds ago :D

      Glad you like him so far :)

  2. I'm so hard right now, please hurry, I need blood for... something ?

    1. What the!!! :D

      I don't know how to answer that JB, but I'm afraid to try for fear of the reply I might receive :D

      But I'll promise you this, I'll hurry up with the build.

      Cheers buddy :)

  3. Well, if you can't get excited about a super-awesome siege dreadnought like this, what else is there? Nice one :-)

    1. Agreed :)

      I just played a game with my son the other day with my Walker & my completed Siege was a lot of fun kicking buildings and opponents over :D

      Cheers Leadballoony :)

  4. I have a bad feeling about this . . . if I should happen to be standing downrange that is. :D This will be very very nice. Looking forward to the rest.

    1. Hey Composer,

      I'm very sorry that I take so long to reply to you. As I've mentioned before, I never get notifications of your comments...don't know why? I just stumble onto them when I'm replying to someone else's.

      Anyway, onto my reply;

      Yes, downrange of this monster is gunna be shocking, shameful & painful....all at the same time :)


  5. Oooooh... this one is going to be good!

    1. I'm so twisted that I might deliberately try to disappoint you hehehe :p