Tuesday, 27 May 2014


For the up and coming gaming bonanza that Rob_s and I have planned in about a months time, I decided that I should rustle up some dreadnought's.

One of the things that I really like to do in gaming is to create/convert. I'm not that good at it, but I like giving it a red hot go either way. So I decided to try my hand at making a siege dreadnought, like the one's mentioned in Warhammer Siege. They came equipped with a variety of apparatus for breaching fortified structures i.e. retractable ladders for troops to scale walls, morning stars or hydraulic rams to smash reinforced doors to bits with.....heaps of cool stuff!

My first attempt at fitting a ladder to the dreadnought failed. It was to big for the mini & it ended up looking like it was buried under it. I forgot that siege dreadnought's were actually "large" dreadnought's, capable of carrying huge amounts of weight. Alas, I wasn't in the mood to scratch build an upscale version of an RT dread, so I had to redesign the standard model I had.

After a couple of iterations, here he is, primed and ready.

Large hydraulic ram mounted on the left, to pound on things with!

I put a shield on the front of the ram, as I thought the enemy might try to dissuade him from entering their building, by force!

Large crushing jaws to shake hands with the opposing forces with.

Here you can see the power unit, exhaust & hydraulic cabling for both arms.

As you can see i repositioned his legs too. I scratch built the hydraulic ram & the power unit on his back. The large right arm was donated from a Mechwarrior plastic figure. I ran wires from both arms to replicate hydraulic hoses. Time will tell if this guy works or not. Once he's painted up, then I'll know.

So until next time,

Keep your pants on.

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