Wednesday 28 October 2015

In your face Orctober!

I finished them, seriously! Here, take a look for yourself if you don't believe me:

Sixteen of the ugly buggers done.

Now, here's some gratuitous, individually posed shots for you to fawn over:

I think this guy was named "Hatman" when I originally posted him
up....all those many moons ago.

Here's two of the same mini, painted in a different colour scheme.

Yes, it does say "kik me" on his helmet.

I was trying for a Denim look for this guy, but I don't think I
managed to pull it off.
He still came out OK though I reckon.

Hence why there's three pics of him :)

Three more of the same guy, all sporting different model sunnies. 

And they can tell the time too! Bravo gents.

Five of the same mini with varying body paint fetishes. There's a standard dude skulking in the background too.

Rusty and painted shoulder pads. I think the B&W striped one looks a little too much like a footy jumper :(

Smiling while he shoots you in the face. An Ork who enjoys
what he does for a living.

Comes equipped with arse armour.

I'm pretty chuffed with how this guys blade turned out.

Denim boots, for the discerning Ork mercenary

Only realised that this guy had a Bionic arm while I was painting him.

Now the group shot. Don't forget to shoot at the photographer boyz!!!

Thrugg with his crew of 40 Orks.

"Who's da boss? I is, datz who!!!"

So, that's that then. I have painted up all of my half done Space Orks for Orctober, before October ended! I've actually got three other Orks primed up and ready to go, but they were late comers to this party so they'll be saved up for another day.

Ok fellow leadheads, that's a nice short and sweet blog post from me.

See ya round :)

Tuesday 13 October 2015

Orks, orks bloody ork's!!!

"I choose to finish my remaining Space Orks!.... I choose to paint them in this month and do the other things (not bloody likely!), not because they are easy, but because they are hard!".....or in my case nigh impossible.

Hello dear follower's,

Welcome to another episode of "let's try and complete something that I've started". Today I present to you my unfinished Space Ork's that I'm entering in for this month of Orctober.

Here they be,

My "left over's" :)

"IF" I manage to get these guys all done before the end of Orctober then I'll have over 40 of them done, ready to blast figurative boltgun shells at my enemies with.
Last year's Orctober entry for me was completed & submitted a tad late, December if I recall correctly. Hopefully this year's effort won't be a repeat.

So, wish me a metric tonne of luck for success.....or curse me if you would love to see me fail you evil bastards!

Monday 5 October 2015

Space Pirate.....done & dusted.

Hello, how are you? Fairing well? No aches or pains? Neighbour's not shitting you too much? Good...all is as it should be then.

Today I present to you something of an oddity here on this blog, a finished project. "Hurrah!!!" I here you cry. But it's only a single mini, so don't get too excited ok :)

This is my entry for the Space pirate warband competition that's been taking place over on the Oldhammer forum for the past six months? Entries close in about a months time, so I could have waited a bit longer until lodging it, but I received a threatening messages from a pirate recently. More or less telling me to haul arse with me entry! Thinking it best not to keep a sailing vagabond waiting, l decided to finish him off this weekend just past.

Here, look at him!!!

The only restriction on the comp was that the mini had to have some turquoise on him/her. Anywhere & any amount. I chose to make "Bill's" fuel tank contain a turquoise liquid.  I wanted to try painting a liquid effect as well, so it was a good excuse to try it out on the tank. Oh, and you had to leave the base bare. The lucky sod who ends up with all of these guys gets to base them how they want.

I gave him the name Bill because.

I tried painting some darker ink into the nook's & crannies, but this didn't survive the gloss coat application process. I've had a few failures with brushing on gloss coat. From now on I'm just gunna spray it on. Even though I cringe at the amount of extra work required to use the airbrush, it still yields better and more even results.

Ok, that's it from me. I've got a little bit going on (hobby wise) ATM, so it won't be long until you see some more from me.

Cheerio chums :)