Tuesday, 12 January 2016

My, what a big bolter you have!

The next installment of "Yet another Siege Dreadnought" build is ready. I've made progress on the siege ladder, crushing claw, control levers....and of course the offending appendage.

Let's get started shall we.....

"Nothing to see here, move along, move along."

Beefed up the claw hand & added a forearm blade, donated from a set of clippers.

Pins for control levers.

Here's where the troops begin their climb.

And then continue up onto the battlements
via the ladder.

Grossly inappropriate "hard point" :)

So, this is where it's at ATM. I've still got cable's to run, weld marks to apply ala acrylic caulking compound & a few other thing's (that I've yet to think of) before I'll be calling it done.

Thanks to Niibl over on the Oldhammer forum for suggesting to me that I should make the hand look bigger/meaner. I think it looks a lot better now, cheers :)

Onwards & upwards!


  1. I'm not going to lie, the idea of hot lead facial and exhaust farts won't leave me for some time after seeing this one... ^^

  2. Those pin levers are an inspired choice that I am 900% going to steal. Another classic build in the making here! :D

    1. Steal away my friend, steal away :)

      You can also steal the cock bolter too if you want :D

  3. Haha, this one is gonna be epic! :D

  4. Cock-bolter... chuffing brilliant :-)

    1. Well, the Imperium had to come up with something to compete with the Ork Gargant....in the "appendage" arms race :)

  5. Have you considered a flame weapon on the opposite shoulder to 'clear battlements' for the ladder users? It feels like they might be rather exposed (but then again trooper safety is hardly a big factor). The build is looking great nonetheless - kudos on all those leg rings especially.

    1. I suppose I could go "all out" on the weapons, but for me, my vision of RT is more about battles of attrition & making do. Rather than a tried & tested, professionally designed warmachine. Similar to a WW1 style of combat. I think RT was just a fancy pants version of the great war anyway :) After all, that's where they took their concept for the Land Raider from.

      Thanks for the compliment on the ladder rungs. Their pretty simple to make....especially so if you have a resistor pin bending tool :)

    2. Arrrh, the internet ate my reply :((( Here I go a second time.

      I suppose I could go all out with the weapons, but that would be "too well thought out" for RT in my mind.

      My interpretation of RT is more of battles of attrition & making do. Rather than of fighting with professionally designed & built warmachines, decimating all that are unlucky enough to cross their path.

      I kinda think RT was a fancy pants version of WW1 combat & technology creep. After all, GW virtually copied the MK.IV verbatim for their original Land Raider model.

      Thanks for the compliment about the ladder rungs Ragsta. Their surprisingly easy to make....especially if you have a resistor pin bending tool handy :)

    3. Ooops, no it didn't, just looked like it did :D