Thursday, 26 November 2015

Siege Dreadnought MK.VI......ready to rock!

First up is a photo dump, then after that will flow some verbal diarrhoea from the creator.

And begin;

It's punchy punchy time!

Bit of a blurry side shot, incompetent cameraman!

Decided to add some glowing effect, simulating engine activity of some kind...maybe kerosene powered?

"Number five is alive"...oh what a terrible movie :P

I applied dry pigment to the hammerfist, representing concrete dust. 

For the "built up grime" look on the shafts that the Las-cannons are mounted too I applied several
coats of oil paints, then Tamiya gloss black & Tamiya smoke, and finally some clear gloss.

I didn't do anything fancy with the Las-cannons themselves, just rusted them up a bit.

Here you can see some oil leaks from the hydraulic hoses.

Another view of the grime, nasty looking stuff isn't it?

Here's little old Billy, holding onto yet another joystick....this time
between his legs :)

And to make the beast move forwards, what better way than to have
an accelerator pedal? Vrooom vroom!!!

It's a bit hard to see from any single angle, but I wrote "smash" on
Billys' left leg....coz that's sort of what he likes to do all day. 

The nine kills he's notched up could be for anything really. Demolished
buildings? Enemy combatants stood on? Amount of times he's
fallen over?...who knows?

The weathering process disguised the Ultramarine insignia a little
too much for my liking, but I was worried that I might make it worse
trying to fix it, so I just left it as it was.

Bullet holes & oil stains. It's pretty hard to keep these things in a
"new" state of repair on the battlefield.

Why is there so much rubbish on the ground in the far off future?
 Environmental vandals, the whole lot of' them I tell you!

Billy shares his opinion about of the previous owners capabilities.

Tamiya black & smoke make a great recipe for oils stains.

More fisting action :0

I think those concrete adversaries comply with the request every time.

Another blurry shot, sorry :(

What's that I can see affixed to the underside of it's chin? Is that a name plate? 

Why yes it is! It's the MK VI Hammeroid! Ready to be a pain in the arse to all those who oppose him :) 

Ok, so it's done. Another kitbashed Rogue Trader beast for the display cabinet. I'm kinda happy with the weathering...went a bit overboard I think. I used this weathering exercise as a practice run for my Hovertank. So I can get back into the swing of things before I tackle the big jalopy.

Why a name plate? Well, widening the body made this area quite bland, it was just a blank space. I thought about putting some spotlights there, but they wouldn't last too long in that location if concrete was raining down onto them now would they? So I decided upon a good old fashioned name plate, the ones they used to put on old boilers and cranes.

The name was the easy part, twas a challenge put forward (mostly in jest) to me by my Blogging buddy  Asslessman. You can read the challenge if you want to in the comments section of the blog post  here. I just couldn't think of a better name for a robot that has a big lumpy fist used for smashing concrete fortifications in with. So thanks for the idea JB :)

Gaming wise, I don't have any siege games lined up atm, but I may think of something to use him in soon?

I've got some scatter terrain & wooded areas that I've been working on while building this guy up, so expect to see them in the coming months.



  1. Oh man this is so much awesomeness I could swear I just jizzed... I had almost forgotten the Hammeroid challenge I have to admit and your robot deserves the name more than anyone !
    There is quite a it of weathering but honestly I think it's just perfect as it is, the same model without it would have looked like some stupid toy but now it looks like an engine of destruction in a silly grimdark universe.
    Great ideas are a thing but great skills to put them in shape are just what I want to see.
    Curious to know more about your concrete powder recipe ;)

    1. I'm glad you remembered the name challenge JB.Even if it wasn't a serious one, it's still a cool name for a machine of destruction :)

      The concrete recipe hey? It's something that has been passed down through the generations, from father to son. And now, I will now pass it onto you. You ready?'s black & white pigment mixed together :)

      Nothing fancy, the only "special" thing about it is that I made it from cheap arse kids pastels. I grind the pastels into a powder with a herb grater and then store them in little jars. It's a lot cheaper than buying the branded "weathering powders" and its the same stuff!

      Thanks for the X rated appraisal of the beast too JB. A very disturbing connotation you've made me picture there buddy :DDD


  2. Holy Moly Mother of The Emperor! That is a whole crate of bottles of awesome sauce!

    I reckon the weathering is spot on. It's one well used machine (I'd have even liked to see a few big dents, but this is by no means a criticism).

    Excellent work - Well done!

    1. Thanks Antipixi,

      I was thinking about denting it, but I only thought of that "after" I had finished constructing it. If I had attempted to add some damage to it then I could have fun the risk of "really" damaged it :) So I just decided to leave it as is. It's a good point, I might add some to my next build?

      Glad you like it mate :)


  3. Wow, wow and more wow. :O
    This beast looks f***ing awesome. It could have perfectly been part of the RT rulebook. You nailed the essence of the concept and you executed it in style. Gorgeous!

    1. Yeah!!! I got an expletive complement :D That kind of unfiltered joy makes me very happy Suber, seriously :)

      RT is a great source of inspiration isn't it. I only wish that they'd have included all the planned kitbashed models in it. I wonder if there's photo's of all those robots that were taken for RT still floating around somewhere? Might be a question that somebody with connections to Rick Priestley could ask him?

      Cheers Suber :)

  4. I was with you right up till you knocked 'Short Circuit'. For shame sir, for shame.

    Nice build though :D

    1. When I was a kid I really liked the movie, but as I got older and saw it a few more times I just had this overwhelming desire to take a baseball bat to its head! I think it was a combination of the voice & it's obvious limitations of movement that made me want to destroy it :)

      Glad you liked the build buddy :)

  5. Genius... absolute genius. No way is this over-weathered, she's perfect ��

    1. Thanks, I took an overdose of genius pills just before I commenced this project. I'm glad the meds worked :)

      I suppose the gripe I've got with the weathering is that it hid the bright blue of the original paint job too much. I would have liked it to have shown through more. But hey, I won't be crying myself to sleep over it, I'm pretty happy with it overall.

      Cheers :)

  6. Great work on the mechanought, old boy. You sure went to town on the weathering! Bad-arse name, too. Some haemorrhoids painted on the pauldron or fist would top it off nicely, I think : )

    1. I think I'll leave the "arse grapes" iconography off of him, but thanks for the recommendation :)

      Glad you like him Pete.

  7. Looks like a proper rent a wreck. Well done, sir. Well done.

    1. I don't know why it is Composer, but I never get notified of your comments...strange.

      I thank-you for you comments either way :) Yeah, it's definitely been through the wars hasn't it!