Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Orktober by accident.

Wasn't planning on doing anything for Orktober this year, just happened to be the next project I pulled off from the shelf. Decided to change up the pose a little from the norm as well. Hopefully I've managed to make it look like he's ambling along towards the enemy more than like he's just tripped over. I'll leave that for you guys to decide ;)

I left off the back banner too as I'm not much of a fan of them, they're more reminiscent of the red era, and red era IMHO = poo.

Also added an RTB-01 arm to the base and wrote "lucky" on his pauldron, just to rub insult to injury. I'm a believer in adding graffiti to as many RT projects as possible, I'll cram that shit on anywhere I can find a bit of empty space. To me it it's the simplest way to distinguishes my miniatures from the various other sci-fi settings that have populated the market over the years. That's my take on it anyway.....I'm happy in my delusion, leave me be.

The colour scheme was a nod to a favourite illustration I saw as a kid. I think it was on the front cover of a WD IIRC.  Again, an RT aesthetic, there were no set colour schemes for Orks back then.

So there you go, another project completed, and by complete accident I've managed to make it in time for Orktober :D

Cheers all :)

Monday, 15 October 2018

Skully Mc Skull Skull.

Well here we are again folks. I'm sitting here in a hospital, bored out of my brain, so I thought I'd bang out a quick post to kill the time. Don't worry, I'm fine, just a mild case of the dreaded HAEMORRHOIDS again....aaaarrrggghhhhh!!!!!

I bought this FW mini, on the cheap, solely because I liked his pose. All the fluff & pageantry they slather on these modern sculpts does nothing for me. So I set to work carving it all off and figuring out what to do with the remains.

De-skulled and de-blinged.

A bunch of bits added.

 Used up the last of my GS to hide my "skills".

 And then painted the bastard.

 So he can blend in on the beach.

So, that's that. Another miscreant for the tabletop. Thought I'd try this collage thing out too, not sure if it looks ok as I'm mashing this post together my phone. Let me know if it looks arse in the comments.

Cheers all :)

Saturday, 6 October 2018

Dumbarse with a gun.

Howdy all,

Today I'm going to show you the second, and final, RT Troll conversion that I made. But before I begin I thought I'd talk a little bit about the reasons for selecting these two particular Trolls to convert up.

Firstly, I had to decide which range to select the minis from. I chose the Marauder range as I reckon they're probably some of the best Trolls that GW have ever produced. And seeing as they're from the same era as RT I thought they'd fit right in with the aesthetic as well. Also, I'd never owned any of these minis before, so it was a bloody good excuse. grab a couple :)

How I went about choosing the ones from that range was pretty straight forward. I just looked at the one's that could be made to look like they were holding a firearm in either hand. The top two on the right were an easy choice really. Honestly, I wanted the dude on the bottom right, but I couldn't nab one at a reasonable price. Looking back now I didn't need to be so fussy as I could have made any one of them work.

There's so much RT potential left in these minis.....I better not :)

So, here's the next candidate,

He looked like he could hold a large cannon in his hand.

After removing his club I started to play around with weapons.

I initially made this skirt/kilt thing for him.

But decided that it looked a bit naff.

2nd attempt saw me reuse the skirt as a shoulder pad.

And gave him some pants instead.

Gave him an ammo belt.

And a few trophies that only a Troll could appreciate.

And then I gave him some some colour:

Keeping guard on the beach. There's a rip out there apparently.

Added the ubiquitous RT scribble to his weapon.

Bloodied up his jewelry a bit.

Nothing in particular to see in this shot.

Added some scratches top his hand cannon.

And a whole lot of weathering too.

In practical terms this guy has about enough ammo to get one good zing out of it before he's spent. If I was to give him enough ammo to be able to realistically use the weapon to its full potential then the whole bloody base would be covered in it. But this is a pretend game, reality can go jump.

In game terms these guys are about as useful as tits on a bull. Couple BS 2 with stupidity and you get a whole lot of wandering around the battlefield, if they decide too, and missing everything they shoot at. The first thing that comes to mind whenever I see a Troll in a game......

But they are fun to have on the tabletop nonetheless. Big monsters with guns rock....period!

Ok, enough waffle from me. Have a grand old time with your lead toys guys.

Cheers :)

Monday, 20 August 2018

Back with a big bastard!

Hello and welcome back to the sporadic adventures of my blogging life.

Here I present to you a mini that I was gifted with by a mate back in Aus. A complete surprise and a bloody fantastic mini that I've wanted for a while. Cheers James :) As soon as I got back from Aus with him he quickly got shifted to the front of the painting queue.

Where I promptly faffed him up with this horrible blue colour scheme. It wasn't all THAT bad, but I think he would have looked a lot better if I'd chosen a lighter shade of blue to begin with. Oh well, lessons learned and all that. So, into the stripping jar he went and I began again in earnest. 

I'm much happier with how he turned out the second time around. The mini is fairly well detailed, with popping veins and lots of muscle definition, so it was just begging for a few washes.

If your curious to know what mini he is, he's an old Warzone mini "Razide". Last time I checked he was still available from Prince August minis. In RT I think I'll stat him as an Ogryn, but for other games he'll make for a great chaos warp dude....or something. Should make for a fun baddie to use on the pretend battlefield either way.

Anyway, a quick one today. Enjoy :)

Sunday, 13 May 2018

Dumb, but deadly.

Trolls, they aren't the brightest of creatures are they. In WFB you didn't need to worry about them unless you were stuck in hand-to hand with them though, or unfortunate enough to be within vomiting range....aarrrghh!!!!!

In RT? You don't need to worry about them at all as they never made it in. Fast forward a couple of decades and a few companies have tried to remedy GW's little oversight by creating their own version of what they think an RT Troll might look like. For the most part I think they look pretty good, and if I was so inclined I would have bought one myself. But being the habitual tinkerer that I am I decided to have a crack at making my own from an old Marauder Troll. What follows is that creation:

Chosen subject for my conversion.

Standing proud a top a plinth of arse paper. 
Coz he's now ready to be coloured in.

And here he is all painted up.

This particular Troll's Melta-gun is fed it's special cocktail from two sources. One from his highly corrosive gastric juices.

The other is from this jerry can, filled with whatever kerosene is known as in RT. 

I'm pretty sure that SM helmet isn't empty either :O

The belt around his waist was made from paper. The buckle was taken from an old car model kit.

I wrapped his wrist in chains to cover up his stone bracelet. Apparently they don't DO stone jewelry in the 41st millennium.

So, that's another RT conversion done. What's next? Another beasty of course :)

Till next time.

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Making my own Gryphonne Sepia


I'll take a punt and guess that for most of us older painters out there we have a lot of different branded paints in our collection. And out of all of them there would be a sizable amount from Citadel? I'm just guessing obviously, but that's how it is for me.

Now, out of all of those paints that I've ever owned there's only ever been a couple that I treasure, can't do without, reach for on just about every occasion that I paint. One of them is Devlan Mud and the other was Gryphonne Sepia. The former was great at dirtying up minis, the latter was excellent at making silver look like gold. But as time went by and I used up the last of my Devlan mud I went looking for a replacement, which I found with AP Dark Tone. But when my pot of Gryphonne Sepia ran out late last year, and I discovered that GW had discontinued it, I couldn't find a good enough replacement from any another company.

So that got me thinking, how hard would it be to make my own? After a quick look around online I came across an old recipe for it on a forum. It called for a few different ingredients, most of which I had, but the results weren't that convincing. So I decided to try to make it myself with what I had on hand.

I grabbed some Windsor & Newton Burnt Sienna & Liquitex Matte medium and started playing around with ratios. For me, I found the best results when I mixed the two 1:1.

Here's some pics, just coz.

Part 1

Part 2

I tried a couple of different ratios of the two, as well as AP Soft tone, here's how tests looked:

1. Is the Sepia ink with a pretty strong dilution of water and matte medium. As you can see it's pretty weak, but that's only after one application, more layers should yield better results.

2. Is the AP Soft Tone with matte medium 50/50. What can I say, it's brown. Fail.

3. Is the Sepia and matte medium 50/50. I reckon this one is pretty damn close. I was sloppy laying it on, but with more care I think it's a win.

4. Is the straight AP Soft Tone. I'll be using that as just a brown ink from now on.

And here's a proper test on a painted mini. I'd painted this guy on the left a few months ago, but I wasn't sold on the gold effect for his mask and necklace. I can't quite remember what I used now, but whatever it was it wasn't very gold looking to me. I pulled him out of my display case and hit him with a coat of my new wash. The results are on the right, obviously. 

Super goldy!!!!
Not goldy looking enough.

So, what do you think? Does it work? Is it close enough to the old Gryphonne Sepia? I'd be interested to read your thoughts in the comments.

Oh, and I bet some of you may be wondering why I just didn't try and buy some second hand pots of Gryphonne Sepia on Ebay. Well, I tried for quite a while, but with no luck. The sellers either wanted way too much for it or there just wasn't any for sale. But last week I had look and found a few. So I don't need to use this recipe for a while:) It's still nice to know that I can make it in the future though, when there;s no Gryphonne Sepia out in the wild anymore.

Bye for now :)

Saturday, 5 May 2018

The spice must flow!


Today I want to talk about Dune......or something kinda related to it anyway. Read on if you want to know more,

Out of all of the interesting and varied characters in the 1984 movie, the Navigator was by far the creepiest, Baron Harkonnen being a close 2nd. The gigantic, demonic looking tadpole, being ferried around by a sizable entourage of what looked a lot like Syndicate cosplayers, was the first eldritch type horror I'd ever come across. Needless to say, it left a lasting impression.

Like Daleks, the only thing standing in the way of the Navigators path to total, inter-galactic dominion are stairs.

Fast forward 30 odd years and what did I come across while perusing Ebay? A Dr Who toy that instantly reminded me of the Navigator.

It was fairly cheap, but I wasn't in a rush for it so I asked my friend Axiom if he could hold it for me until BOYL, which he was kind enough to do. After I returned home to sunny Bangkok with it I stuck it on the shelf in amongst my other pending projects, then quickly forgotten about. But a few weeks ago I got the urge to have a go at modifying him. Read on if you want to know more,

For RT purposes I felt like it was 80% of the way there already. The face just needed to look a bit more menacing and the carriage to be weathered up some. So once I pulled the fish tank off and cleaned up the face with some kitchen degreaser I set to work. First painting the face black and wiping the excess off with a tissue. Then I painted the whole carriage black and added some gubbins and a door to it.

After that was done I painted up the carriage in red, quite roughly, and then proceeded to weather the hell out of it.

And after all that here's the finished product, pictured at the beach, while chasing down the other nefarious inhabitants that holiday here.

Looks like something you'd want to run away from? I think so.

Cheers :)