Saturday 4 June 2016

Jet Cycle in the works.

Hi all,

I've made some more progress on my toy. More ramblings about the build process can be seen here, here and here if your into this sort of thing. The bulk of it's completed, just gotta add a few details here and there and I'll be calling it done.

Here's some visual proof, in no particular order;

In the photo's above the twin bolter's & rear wing assembly have both been blu-tac'd on. I'll be casting up the wing thingy as a separate section too, just like the original. It'd be impractical to cast the bike as a single unit. 

I've only got a few more weeks left before I'm heading off to sunny Melbourne, so I better get cracking. The plan (as of now) is to get this thing finished, make a silicone mold of it and take that home with me so I can cast it up there. As I previously mentioned, it's almost impossible to get hold of polyurethane resin here, in the minuscule quantities that I require. Once I return to sunny Bangkok (with my newly completed bikes) I'll continue with the rest of the Wolf Time crew and finish off the remaining project.

Good bye for now :)