Sunday, 15 November 2015

Siege Dreadnought Mk.VI......the next bit.

Hello all,

Here ist thou second instalment of my Siege Dreadnought construction, for you immense viewing pleasure I'm sure :p

In the last post you would have seen that I'd only gotten as far as modifying the cockpit, making up a Space Marine pilot and removing the missile pod covers. Here I'll cover the way I went about fitting the Las-cannons to the body & the complete construction of the rest of the body. So, sit back and enjoy the show;

I selecter two Las-cannons from an old Land raider kit for its armament.

I then assembled the rest of the body (joints not yet glued) and test fit the Las-cannons.

Now I just had to figure out how I was going to make them look sexy in their position.

I needed something that would fill the rest of the slot where the Las-cannon's were positioned. Something that would follow the arc prescribed by the shoulder rotation. After a rummage through my bits box I found two old office chair castor wheels.

Who needs all those wheels on a chair anyway. They'd be much better served
being used on a Kitbashing project!

So, after chopping them up, and adding some cardboard to the sides they were ready.

Looks ok to me.

The idea is that the Las-cannons look like they can rotate up & down in an arc...I hope :)

The rear of the Las-cannons were then scalloped out & mounted in position.

Here's little billy making "vroom vroom" noises, dreaming of when it'll be finished.

So, the shooty bits are done. Now all that's left (modelling wise) is the smashy bits.

Can you guess where that's gunna go?

Ok, that's enough typing for today. In the next post the build will be completed, ready for paint.

Oh, and I just noticed a few days ago that GW have released (or are just about too) their own Siege Dreadnought. They must be jealous of my work :DDD

Cheers guys


  1. God damnit, I hadn't understood how MASSIVE this beast is until now ! You have a real talent to see potential in evryday plastic pieces you know that ?
    Top class modelling lesson here. I'll grab a beer and some snacks to enjoy the show !

    1. Yeah, I'll cop that JB, I reckon I do have a bit of a knack for it. Thanks for the compliment :)

      I've got three more instalments planned for the rest of the build so hopefully you'll be entertained.

      Cheers buddy.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks David,

      There's more kitbashing to come, so what tuned :)

  3. Fantastic! I'm planning something similar with RTB01 Marines and much smaller Robogear kits.

    1. Some of that Robogear stuff looks pretty well suited to this sort of thing. A lot of it is pretty much repackaged Battletech & Robotech Mecha anyway.

      I look forward to seeing what you come up with. I'm always keen to see kitbashing :)

      Cheers James.

  4. It's taking shape and it looks great! Wooow!

    1. Next comes the final build process, then paint, then weathering. Then she can smash walls!

      Thanks Suber :)

  5. Coming along very nicely indeed! Looking forward to seeing the next step.