Monday, 5 October 2015

Space Pirate.....done & dusted.

Hello, how are you? Fairing well? No aches or pains? Neighbour's not shitting you too much? Good...all is as it should be then.

Today I present to you something of an oddity here on this blog, a finished project. "Hurrah!!!" I here you cry. But it's only a single mini, so don't get too excited ok :)

This is my entry for the Space pirate warband competition that's been taking place over on the Oldhammer forum for the past six months? Entries close in about a months time, so I could have waited a bit longer until lodging it, but I received a threatening messages from a pirate recently. More or less telling me to haul arse with me entry! Thinking it best not to keep a sailing vagabond waiting, l decided to finish him off this weekend just past.

Here, look at him!!!

The only restriction on the comp was that the mini had to have some turquoise on him/her. Anywhere & any amount. I chose to make "Bill's" fuel tank contain a turquoise liquid.  I wanted to try painting a liquid effect as well, so it was a good excuse to try it out on the tank. Oh, and you had to leave the base bare. The lucky sod who ends up with all of these guys gets to base them how they want.

I gave him the name Bill because.

I tried painting some darker ink into the nook's & crannies, but this didn't survive the gloss coat application process. I've had a few failures with brushing on gloss coat. From now on I'm just gunna spray it on. Even though I cringe at the amount of extra work required to use the airbrush, it still yields better and more even results.

Ok, that's it from me. I've got a little bit going on (hobby wise) ATM, so it won't be long until you see some more from me.

Cheerio chums :)


  1. Damn I need to win this warband more than ever !
    The tanks is obviously very nice with that liquid effect but it' szthe contrast between teh alien and the human tech that makes it work for me, making it look like a true merc.

    1. Thanks JB,

      He was a fun little dude to create.

      I wholeheartedly agree with you about winning this warband, wouldn't it be great!


  2. Oh crap, I completely forgot to make the pirate I promised months ago!!!

    You, not being a cad, have made a terrific entry. I love the sloshy liquid.

    1. Well, it did take a gentle reminder from Axiom for me to finish it :)

      My entry for last year's Orktober was completed in December! So l suppose I've got a bit of a reputation now :D

      I'm tossing up whether to enter this year, coz I'll probably forget...again :D

      The liquid effect was a new technique for me, Google images to the rescue.

      Cheers Mr Bacon.

  3. Great work on a cool conversion =)
    "Bill, Jim, Bob..." Is there an end to these great evocative names??

    1. I suppose it's some sort of mental derangement? I just can't help giving my guys names that are genre inappropriate.

      The best one I heard of was on an awesome YouTube spoof of D&D. One of the guys called his guy Boba Fett. Much to the annoyance of his friends :D

      Anyway, glad you liked him Ace :)

      I've got a fair few things on the boil at the moment, so stay tuned for more old chum.

      Cheers :)