Friday, 13 June 2014

Kornate Space Marines

The paint jobs pretty basic on these dudes, but I'm glad their tabletop ready. There's nothing quite as disheartening (as a wargamer) seeing unpainted or half painted minis glaring at you everytime you walk past your shelf.

These guys had been base coated since I was a teen. I was originally going to paint them up as blood angles, but I'm over them now.....every man and his dogs painted up those bloody things at least once in their life time!

Their all sporting khorne symbols on their shoulder pads now, proudly denoting allegiance to their patron.

That's enough of the RTB01 marines for now, I've painted up almost 40 of them. The next time I do some I think I'll make some characters and/or create a new chapter.

I'm just about ready to prime the walker (christ it's a bugger painting large models!).

Anyway, good evening & good night fellow grognards :)

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