Saturday, 24 May 2014

Helsreach walker.


Made a little more progress on the walker;

It's always hard to know how these scratch built constructions will turn out in the beginning.

The basic howdah is completed, made from a couple of plastic bowls & cups. The black rim was made from an old cut up DVD case. I couldn't, for the life of me, find an appropriately sized "light box" that's pictured in the illustration. So I got a couple of plastic jewellery cases & stuck them on..... it'll be fun trying my hand at painting headlights freehand :)

The transparent bowl I chose for the lower section was a little flimsy.

Because of the problem mentioned in the above picture I had to come up with a way of increasing its rigidity without adding too much weight. I was going to inject "expand a foam" into the cavity, but I didn't have any at hand & couldn't be arsed going to the hardware store to get some, so I improvised. I cut up some scrap polystyrene into small chunks, mixed it up in some latex glue & pushed the concoction into the space, homemade "expand a foam"!

The next step is going to be constructing a winch ladder, railing & chequer plate for the flooring.

So until next time chums, Aduer :)


  1. An excellent idea for a model. I wonder if anyone else has tackled this model.

    1. No, I'm the first. I proclaim this as fact.

      I haven't made much progress since the last post, but I'm gong to restart it shortly.

  2. You actually found the exact right legs! Apparently RT was supposed to contain tons of photos with all the conversion of model kits and toys from the GW staff, until someone realised that there could be legal problems...

    1. That's a real shame about that, but didn't they mentioned Zoids in there? How come they balked at the rest? Would have loved to have seen all their creations, they were certainly an innovative bunch.

      I hope I can do the Mech justice, as the interior of the howdah is completely open to interpretation. I have to rely on my own zanny imagination to fill in the blanks :)