Tuesday, 7 October 2014

LE1 Space Orc

The first Space Ork miniature to be produced (in mid 1986) by Citadel wasn't even called an "Ork". They had not decided if they should differentiate the Greenskins monikers by their respective settings. So this first release was called LE1 Space Orc. After him, and from them on in, Orcs in 40k were to be referred to as Orks.

Here he is, incorrectly listed (someone at Citadel must have mashed the wrong key while typing up the catalogue);

Image courtesy of solegends

This catalogue listing was not how I first came across this miniature. My initial spying of him was in Dave Andrews iconic diorama, printed in Rogue Trader.....must have seen it around 1988.

Here he be;

Can you spot him? His the one raining hot lead onto the
unsuspecting Ultramarine's from above.

Top left of the image is where his at.

Here's a close up of him;

When I first noticed this guy I had no idea who or what he was. All I knew was that I thought he looked cool! His skin tone made me think he was some sort of ogre? But I never came across him in any of the White Dwarfs or any other publication from that time. I gave up after a short while of ever finding this mini. 

It was only years later -I'd say about fifteen years later- that I stumbled upon him while trawling Ebay. I put in a bid and won him at a pretty good price, but once I had him in my hot little hands I was somewhat disappointed. In my eyes, his weapon looked awful, like something that was hurriedly added on due to a casting deadline that had to be met. Even though the rest of the sculpt looked great (the detailed backpack especially) he was relegated to the "something to tinker with later pile", as my conversion skills back then were dismal.

Now, fast forward a few years. The other day I spotted Ernys' Orctober post and thought, what the hey, I'll dig up this little sucker & see if I can improve his mediocre death spitter.

So, after that rambling introduction, here's the meat of the post.....the conversion work on LE1 Space Orc;

Offensive weapon removed & the forearm cleaned up.

Test fit his new & improved weapon.

Bent his arm into a more upright position & then fixed the
weapon permanently.

Looks a damn sight more intimidation than the original IMO.

I decided on using this big arse flamer (I know what the donor miniature looks like, but for the life of me I just can't remember his bloody name!) after seeing his gas bottles on his backpack. I figured that if an Orc could breathe it, then it should be lethal enough to ignite.

I've still got a bit of work -conversion wise- to do on him before he'll be ready to paint. Like a propellant line to the flamer, bracketry to join his weapon to his forearm and other bits & pieces to "pimp" him up a bit.

Hopefully I'll be able to have it finished by the end of Orctober :)

Wave's goodbye with a stupid grin his face :p


  1. The original axe/gun thingy does look a little silly. I like where your going with this conversion.

    1. I'm pretty set on what I want to to as far as conversion with goes, but I'm still undecided on his paint scheme. I'll figure that out along the way.

      Cheers Tartar :)