Friday, 12 June 2015

"Roger roger"....... stupid droids!!!

The Phantom Menace, what a retarded movie. Luckily for you & I this post has very little to do with the movie that won't be mentioned by name again. It has to do with a toy that I picked up late last year, for a couple of dollars. It was a kids camera, made to look like a set of binoculars used by the droid's in the movie. I thought it had the potential to be turned into some sort of vehicle & being the sort of "frugal" person that I am I grabbed it.

The pictures you can take with it are quite craptacular actually. Unfortunately I didn't keep the box to show you how bad it was, but if your interested to see this cameras' "performance" for yourself, then I suggest you have as look at Jakes' flickr account. He went to the trouble of doing a sort of review of it.

I originally bought it for it's kitbashing potential, but after opening the packaging & looking at the example photo's of what the camera could do, I was almost tempted to keep it & use it for its intended purpose. But alas, the film with the character's on it had fused together, rending the camera inoperative :(

Ok, enough about the camera, onto the fun bit, kitbashing!!!!

First I completely stripped every last bit of camera out of the case & chucked all the parts into my bits box. Then the case was placed in my draw for a year (to mature) & then I pulled it out last week to play with it :)

So, here's a lot of photo's to excite and/or puzzle you, enjoy;

Strip down to it's underpants.

The "periscope image thingy" rotated into the up position, where it will stay.

With all the bells & whistles added on,

All pimped out.

More pimp.

One side off of a set of head phones & an aerial from a modem.

A pair of dials off of an old radio, internals from a soap dispenser,
 a wooden ball, Xmas tree light wires & a toy gun.

Winglets from an old toy plane (my son will never know),
beads & label stickers.

Never throw out PC heat sinks.

Cockpit components: a pin for a joystick, a keyboard sticker
for a control panel & plastic grating for the floor.

Clock dial replacement numbers & copper wire for a ladder.

Credit cards (the wife won't miss them, much), CD cases & the aforementioned heat sink.

I wanted her to sit as low as possible, without touching the floor. I might lift it up a bit as it does "look" like it's dragging it's arse.

The ugliest part of any model, underneath. I used an IKEA wall mounting
bracket for the base. It's balanced perfectly & is nigh impossible to see
when it's on the table.

This thing is the battery for the cannon, cabling is wire &
brackets are made from bent copper wire.

I've tried to list all the things I've used to build this vehicle with, but it's mainly just household detritus, beads, stickers & stuff from my bits box.

I hope to have it done before I head home at the end of the month. I'd like to get a few games in with it.



  1. You bad ass mutha-fukka! Two posts in one week? We are blessed Mr P! ('P' must be for P I M P)

    That shit is off the hizzle! You are seriously tempting me into the dark waters of kits bashing =)
    Please keep that shit up!

    (and PLEASE keep that pink sticker that says 'enter' on it - that's horny...)


    1. I'm gunna have to disappoint you with the pink sticker Ace, it's about to get hit with a bit of spray paint. Sorry :)

      I really enjoy kitbashing, turning junk into something useful. If only I could finish them?

      Of love to see your creations.

      Cheers Ace.

  2. You are mi f***ing hero, seriously. What a great show of creativity (once again!)

  3. Looking forward to seeing it painted. What style will you be going for?

    1. I'm gunna paint it white and then do some "go fast" stripes along the length of it. I'm not sure what colour I'll do those yet, or the other details, but it's going to have a few oil leaks & extensive weathering.

      Cheers :)

  4. Fantastic kit bash - nice to see all the components prior to the paint going on.

    1. I enjoy kitbashing, and one of the things I take inspiration from is seeing other people's better kitbashing work. When they show the WIP shots it really does help me a great deal, to learn their "tricks of the trade". So that's kinda why I post about my kitbashing journeys the same way.

      Cheers :)