Thursday, 11 June 2015

Making a better/cheaper paint rack.

My desk has been cluttered for quite a while now. Mostly with modelling detritus, but also with two large paint racks. I made them almost two years ago as a stop gap. They have served me well, but I'm going to be putting my PC back together soon (after being packed away for about three years) & I'll need more room on my desk for a monitor. These old mofo's had to go!

Made from an old plastic draw cut diagonally in half
& corrugated plastic sheet folded at about ten places
for the shelves. Then add copious amounts of
hot glue.

Made from two plastic document trays hot glued together
& a corrugated plastic support frame attached at the back.

Now for the piece de resistance!!!

Firstly, I thought of the most space efficient storage rack I could think of, one mounted on a turntable, so that all the sides of the paint rack could be used. Second, I considered the cheapest & easiest material I could find. After all, it's only gotta hold mini paint bottles!

And so, here's the components I used to make the beast;

The most important part of the project, a plastic turntable.

Two plastic food containers.

Five plastic plates.

Cut the containers in half.

Place them alternately on top of one another
& glue them liberally with the hot, stringy,
messy glue gun.

And voilà!!!

My desk is now "a whole lot cleaner" :p

I actually wanted to make this thing ages ago, but I couldn't find a cheap enough turntable. They were either made out of aluminium or beautifully turned out wooden types, all expensive....for me. I stumbled across this black plastic one in a discount shop last week. I was so stunned to find a perfect unit for my project that I think I may have scared the shop assistant with the gleeful expletive that escaped my lips. Anyway, I was happy, stuff her & her socially accepted norms.

This rack holds all of the paints I had on both racks, is the same height & takes up less of a foot print on my desk too. It's a win all round as far as I'm concerned.

I now have a whole lot more room on my desk that I can now fill with other stuff.



  1. I'd never have thought of that... I'm about to move house and will have to build myslef a new hobby space in a reduced place, Maybe this will come in handy. I like that a lot.

    1. It's pure genius isn't it! :D

      Actually, this is probably the quickest & cheapest hobby related project I've ever attempted. It's amazing how much space paint racks can take up, especially after 25 odd years of hobbying.

      Cheers JB

  2. Nice job Mr P!
    So that's where the magic happens =)

    1. Nah, this is just where I glue my fingers together & escape reality. The magic happens downstairs in the bedroom.