Monday, 22 June 2015

Space Ork Raider's.

That's enough of these guys for now. I have a sufficient supply of painted orks to play pretty much any sized game of RT that takes my fancy. I picked up a metric tonne of these guys at a convention a few years back (I think it was "Little Wars Melbourne" 2012/13). They were cheap, like me, and like most cheap second hand minis, painted terribly. Can't expect GD quality for peanuts now can you!

I put up their "Tubman's" quality paint jobs while I was back home last year, just so I could get some gaming in with them. But as soon as I got the chance I drowned these mofo's in Acetone & began painting in earnest.

Here's the culmination of almost a years worth of toil at my painting desk, gaze upon my (insert crude comment) & dispare!!!!

24 Greenskin's, reborn! Their ranks now swelled by the addition of six more suckers.

 Here they are, six freshly painted green gorillas. All except Thrugg has been converted or repaired in some way.

Hruk, with his dagger arm reattached, 2IC to Thrugg.

New barrel fitted to the heavy bolter, raped from a Gundham kit.

Hand & flamer conversion, ala Dave Andrew's copy. I used an RBT01 SM
flamer & a hand from....? I don't know, I can't remember. JB sent it to me,
cheers pal.

Red era dude with a new bionic arm/power fist & his top spike removed. His
buddy is an RT era standard bearer, with his mangled arm removed & improved.

I like the arm, but I'm not sure on the colour choice. Oh well,
the damage has been done and that's the way it'll stay.

I remembered after I took this photo that I've still got to add
some crusty blood onto his shoulder socket. I'll use my Tamiya
clear + paint combo for that task.

I'm pretty happy with how this guy turned out.

His name is Brad, his memory's not too good, so he's stitched his
name onto his shirt as a constant reminder. Clever huh?

"Where's dem pretty boy's in der pwastic arma? I gunna
carve some up!!!

I'm really happy I've got Thrugg Bullneck too. He really does add something intangibly badarse to an ork army, like his some sort of leader of an outlaw bikey gang. Maybe it's just coz he came in the first box set? I'm not sure, but I likes him!

He was kindly donated to me by Captain Crooks, a fellow convict. Much appreciated Crooksey :)

Ok, that's it from me for a bit, I've gotta crack on & finish off the Grav tank by the end of this week. Wish me luck!


  1. Wonderful thing to see all thcose guys together, a most impressive sight really !
    The coherence is excellent and yet they still do keep their individuality which is the mark of a great job, all conversions blend in nicely. That's the space ork band we should all have ! (Glad I got some more for this summer...)

    Now let's see that Grav tank finished PLEASE ;)

    1. I'm pretty satisfied with this lot now, I've got another 20 odd of them left to paint up, but they can wait for a while I think.

      The Grav tank is getting painted as I type :) Hopefully I'll have enough time to paint, varnish & have allowed drying time inbetween, to have it completed by Saturday....hop on the plane day.

      Cheers JB.

  2. Great raiders Mr. P. I'm going to be sprucing my own up soon for BOYL15, I hope they look half as good as yours.

    1. I've seen your painting Erny, I don't think you have anything to worry about. Unless of course your going the Tubman's route that is? :p

      Thanks Erny, glad you likem :)

  3. Oh my... it's a total Rogue Trader overload!
    Those are some mean greenz Mr P!

    Thanks to your terrible example I've started off with my first scratch built vehicle for RT. Basically it started out as a bad idea, has gotten more stupid as time passes and is now the pinnacle of ridiculousness... Cant wait to show you =)

    1. I can't wait to see it too! What type of vehicle is it? Wheeled, tracked, hover?

      I'm scrambling to finish my Grav tank by the end of this week, but I think I may have stuffed up the weathering...applied too much & now I'm trying to salvage it. I'll persist with it & if it turns out looking terrible then I'll just leave it here.

      Cheers Ace.

  4. Thats right! The vehicle is wheeled, tracked and hovers! How did you know?!

    "I'll persist with it & if it turns out looking terrible then I'll just leave it there"

    Yep, that's my motto!


  5. Thats a great looking force :)

    1. Thanks Cheetor,

      Enough to cause a sizeable amount of mayhem on the tabletop.

      Cheers :)

  6. Oh man! That is such top drawer modelling and painting! All your hours of toil have really showed. I've always loved those early Space Orks, and you've just made them come to life!

    1. Thanks Matthew,

      These are the first space orks I'd ever painted. In my youth, I had naively thought that because they were "dumb" orks that they'd be crap minis? But they are crammed full of really cool details! If only I hadn't have been so dismissive of them back then? Oh well, lessons learned & all that.

      Glad you like my efforts :)