Friday, 20 November 2015

Siege Dreadnought MK.VI.....colouring it in.

Ok, almost finished with this project. Just a lick of paint & some weathering and it's done.

I wanted to paint it up in a colour that was different to my Walker, so white & green was out. Also I was thinking that this might be an Ultramarine Siege Dreadnought, so blue seemed like a good option. I just used some cheap auto body acrylic spray paint for the base coat. I didn't see the point in using good quality miniature paint if I was intending to weather it in the end.

Let's begin the exploitation shall we;


Yeah, I reckon you can call it properly base coated.

The next step was to add some sort of shading to it. I was going to use my miniature paint ink wash, but again, I didn't want to waste the "good stuff" on him. So, I found some wood stain tint that I had kicking around and went to town on it. It's really quite strong (it's a tint after all!) so I didn't need to use much. The benefit of using this product was that it dried really under a minute. Also it "bit" into the paint so I didn't have to worry about this coat getting smudged off in later stages, like washes can sometimes do, when they can reactivate the paint layer your trying to wash over.

The process of applying it was to brush it on with a thick brush and then wipe it off pretty quickly with some tissue paper. It had the consistency of water so it ran into the crevices really well, while also adding some shading after the excess was wiped off.

After that I drybrushed it with some light blue miniature paint (can't remember which colour, but it was an old GW one) and left it to dry completely over night.

Here, have a gander;

Here you can see the top section after the wood tint application process. Quite dark isn't it?

You can see how much it really stained the base coat too can't you.

I was pretty happy with how it came out after I drybrushed it.

Sexy legs on parade :)

The next stage was the "real" paint stage. Adding all the details, paint chips, obligatory slogans, decals, basing material etcetera.

I deliberately left the "rotation shafts" for the Las-cannon mounts in bare metal. As they would be getting some special treatment later on. The mashing fist and the armaments then got some metallic drybrushing treatment. Billy got painted in a reddish maroon colour & I gave him a dragon headed shoulder marking from an old GW decal set. I used my normal basing recipe i.e. two grades of concreters sand & some broken plastic bits to represent battlefield detritus.

Here it is;
There's a polite request for their enemies to remain stationary written
 on the inside of the hammerfist forearm :)
Here you can see an Ultramarine symbol on his hip that has been
scratched off by the new owners.
Snake cabling always looks better than single coloured cable on a
significant length IMO
The shark teeth decal was taken from my "other" Siege Dreadnought
project decal sheet.

I was fairly happy with what he looked like at this point, I even seriously considered calling it "done" (after you've seen it weathered you may think that I should have left well alone too!), but I was just dying to give the old oil paints a bash again. So, with that persistent urge I decided to hit the MOFO with a coat of clear gloss and began weathering it in earnest.

But that is a story for another post dear follower's. Until next time.....stay nice & fluffy :)



  1. Wow, seriously, you certainly brought RT back again. This mot*****cker beast looks ready to mow down whatever he finds on its way!!

    1. Thanks pal,

      Wouldn't it be a laugh, if he was able to punch the living daylights out of a few unfortunate souls on some battlements too? :D

      Glad you like him Suber :)

  2. Very nice indeed. And when the Ultramarines go rogue, or somebody else figures out that the Adeptus Terra already did . . .

    Splendid work, Mr. Papafakis. Positively wonderful!

    1. Thanks Composer :)

      I'm liking making up merc space marines. I've got an itch to make up some more custom placky RBT01 marines soon too. But not before I finish posting up the last installment of this puppy.

      Cheers :)