Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Siege Dreadnought Mk.VI.....more kitbashing.

Welcome to fantasy island.

At the end of my last post I'd finished assembling the model, but hadn't glued it in its final pose. The Las-cannon's had been mounted though and little Billy was well pleased with the progress to date.

This post will cover the fixing of the model in it's final position, mounting it to one of my "custom" bases, constructing the cockpit, making a smashy fist thingy and finally adding all the other little bell's & whistles to it. So let's begin;

Glued all the joint's together in a (hopefully) aggressive stance, like he's gunna punch something.

You can see that the top of the back needs some "filling in" with details too.

Ready for some punchy punchy time :)

Cockpit made from thick cardboard. It looks rough (and it is), but it will be smoothed out.

The only logical reason to have you can steal their toys mmmwwwahahaha!

The "hammerfist" made from a shower bracket thing and sprue off cuts. Looks crap I know.

Test fitting the fist where I thought it would look like he's readying himself for a punch.
Here you can see the green toy part I used to connect its fist to its forearm with.

The position was ok, but the sprue bits were too "crisp" for my liking. Didn't look like it'd
been hammering on fortifications all of its life...which was the look I was aiming for.

So, I broke out the cigarette lighter and melted some plastic...oh what fun I had :)

Here you can see the hydraulic ram & hose work used to operate the fist. It's all in my
 imagination you understand....none of this actually works ok. It's just a toy!
Oh, and I'd covered/detailed the back area too.
If you look closely you can see the black things on top of & underneath of the "elbow". It's
 supposed to represent the pivot shaft.

Poised to give someone a huge reconstruction bill.

Billy, sitting in his new home. All smoothed out, filled in and sexed up, holding a gear lever.
I forgot to take photo's of a few little extras I later added to the cockpit, but you'll see them
in the next post. I added some "smoke stacks" too, stolen from our Xmas tree lights :)

So, this is the build part done. Next you'll see the colours start to go on and I'll describe the method (if you can call it that) of how I went about painting it up.

Oh, and a special shout out to any Canadian followers I may have out there....Until next time, keep your dick in the vice. What a lovely turn of phrase it is too :D


  1. This is just too good. Anyone who dares tell me Rogue trader isn't the best after seeing this wil lget a trout slap in the face.

    1. Now that! I would pay money to see :D

      There's so much inspirational art in the early RT books (that wasn't built upon into gaming material), that you could probably spend your whole life mining it and never get through it all. Actually, I think that's what I'd be happy doing :)

      Thanks JB.

  2. Master of the kids toy 40K kit bash. We are not worthy.

    1. Hey, these things I play with are not "kids toys"! They are adult sculptures, conceived of by adults, for adults. So that they can imagine a future with robotic war machines striding across the battlefield of distant then be played with by kids :D

      Who am I trying to fool, I'm just a big kid. Glad you approve buddy :)

  3. What a beast! I'm impressed to see how you made this so far! You have great skills!


    1. Thanks very much Peter :)

      I'm glad you like him. I've got two more posts until he's finished.

      Welcome to the madness.

  4. Oh, bloody brilliant. I may have to see if I can find that model myself. That's coming along very nicely indeed. I have dread-envy.

    1. I "think" you can still pick him up fairly cheaply online. He's a great model to tinker with that's for sure.

      Glad your liking it so far Composer :)