Saturday, 16 May 2015

Amputation is a severely underrated pastime.

I thought I'd do a post about my entry for the "Oldhammer Legacy Crew". For those of you who might not know what the hell I'm talking about I suggest you go on over to the forum & have a look.....sorry, I can't be arsed providing the link. You'll just have to use your Google-fu to find out.

Here's my progress to date,

Originally I was going to do some sort of space ork, but then I thought "nah, stuff that, I'm sick of the green skins atm". So I had a dig through my lead pile & found this GW harpy. He's not the best posed mini I've ever come across, but I thought that he showed some potential.

Looks like he's playing catch instead of posturing for a fight in this pose!

I really enjoyed cutting his arm off. 

Basic posed fixed! No argument will be entered into on this point!!!!

Hole in his back will be turned into a large puss filled pimple......or something?

Drilling out the barrel on a minis weapon adds that special "kick arse" look to it.

Parts used for this conversion so far are:

SM shoulder pad
IG flamer
Broken Lego robot arm for the top weapon handle
Plastic thingy used for rear stock handle

I'll try and get the conversion part of the build finished off this week....famous last words huh?

Good evening.


  1. He looks like I do when I'm trying to BBQ some steaks.

    Nice work, Mr. P!

    1. There's a Russian guy who's got his own YouTube channel about weapon's & he once used a flame thrower to cook a whole pig! I thought he was the only one to cook meat that way?

      Cheers Matthew :)

  2. Wow, I would have never come to that! Pure genius, I love that creativity! That ugly bastard looks totally badass!

    1. Thanks Suber,

      The arm above his head makes him look quite stupid. Once I figured out that was what his problem was, it was just a simple case of removal & fiddling with repositioning. That basically showed me the weapon had be carrying.

      A genius I'm not, but a hacker & bodger with models till they look good? Yeah, that's me :)


  3. Thats some hefty chopping there MrP!! Great start on one ugly mofo! =)

    That bit where you said you liked chopping his arm off made me laugh - remember that bit in Total Recall?

    1. I watched the hell out of that movie way back when I was young. But I can't for the life of me remember the arm removal part! And, considering my predilection for separating limbs from bodies, that's something I feel ashamed about :(

      I do have fond memories of watching the tracking device being forcibly removed from Arnies nostril though! Great times, great times :)