Tuesday, 12 May 2015


That's what's been keeping me away from blogging, seriously! Those damn grapes have been a thorn in my side (or pain in the arse... take your pick) for years now, but with the wonders of modern medicine I no longer feel the need to blah blah blah......

No dear followers, don't be alarmed, tis not another one of those dreaded "I'm about to cark it" posts you sometimes come across on the blogosphere. I've just ran out of hobby mojo, plain & simple. I blame batch painting, never again will I attempt such madness. From now on I'll only be painting up a couple of minis at a time. I'll try to anyway :p

So, enough whining from me, I thought I'd show you the few orks that I've been able to finish. It's only four, but their all the same god awful mono pose jobs :(

All that's left to do on them is some weathering of the bases & varnish.

I tried some body paint/woad on a couple of their arms.

Yes, you guessed right, he does have a shoulder pad! Good on you.

And just so they'll never miss their next committee meeting, they all have a time piece strapped to their wrists.

Next up, I thought you might be interested in seeing a couple of conversion's I did a few years back. If your not, then I apologise.....half heartedly.

Made from four minis.

Should look boss when he eventually gets some paint slathered on him.

The head was mangled on this dude when I got him, so I mangled him a bit more and came up with this.

I'm really looking forward to getting this guy done, soon my pretty, soon!

So, the plan is to slowly chip away at the ork horde until it's done, then finish off the Hovertank, then complete the other unpublished project, then.....who knows?

Oh, before I sign off, I'd like to give a plug to a fellow blogger I've been following for some time. His names Ace & I reckon his blog rocks! His got cool FF reviews, retro games, minis, terrain etc etc, basically he's got the lot, so click this thing and have a gander.

Errr, umm, that's all I've got, bye.


  1. The first paragraph had me in tears !

    I thought at first you were about to show us a super robot with a cool Hammer (no I just ahev to make one big ass robot with Hammer called Hammeroid ! )
    Those conversions are pretty cool but the one with a tzeentch heavy weapon bearer and the chaos span bits wins it all for me. I've always found this hed to be one of teh coolest of teh se tbut never got round to using it properly, I love the Hellraiser meets Cthulu look of him.

    Now go and finish stuff !

    1. I'm glad you liked it JB, haemorrhoids are always a funny subject......except for people who have them for real, then their just a pain in the arse!

      I like the name Hammeroid, can I steal it if I get my bot finished first?

      That spawn kit is really great, has so much extra stuff! Their probably the best "spawn" minis evey made too IMHO. I'm pretty happy with how he turned out, just hope I can do him justice with the coloured stuff :)

      Cheers JB.

    2. I remember talking about this with Don Hans who uses bits from the kit a lot for everything but making spawns ! I'm on the same page as he is.

      You know what? first of us to release a Robot with Hammer gest to pick the name Hammeroid (or not) !

    3. Yeah, I'm not so sure it's a prize worth racing for? Haha :D

      I'll still give it a go though!

  2. I was expecting this thread to be Nurgle themed, so I am very slightly disappointed!

    You've done a nice job on making those Ork sculpts look more varied than they actually are. I quite like them actually!

    1. Thanks Peter,

      Now that I think about it, that's an obvious mutation that was left off the chart in ROC. Imagine the modeling potential? Character's having a movement penalty & unable to ride a mount! Oh well, we can dream :)

      It's a real trick trying to make the orks look a little unique isn't it? I've got about teen more of those same dudes to go, so I'll be applying body paint liberally to them.


  3. Bloody hell Mr Papa what are you trying to do, make me famous?? Now I have six followers! That's more friends than I have in real life!!
    It's a lot of responsibility...

    Thanks for the plug tho =)

    Fuck me you're good at painting Orkses - glad to hear that the batch painting delirium has left your system though - does bad things to a man that does. Wasn't expecting the first sentence to be about ACTUAL medical woes either! (Maybe I'm weird - I just figure Orks and haemorrhoids go together like horses and marriage or something) Sorry to hear and hope you are painting fit soon!

    I agree with JB - that second mutant is the tits! I reckon he'll paint up no problem. If I may also make a naming suggestion? I propose the Hovertank be Christened "The Hoverrhoid'" - in honour of your struggle to finish it =) No? Oh well...

    Look at that! I managed to make it through without saying 'a pain in the ass' or bum grapes!... Shit.


    1. This is just the start of the "Ace for president" campaign :)

      The orks turned out ok, the 20 odd that are left will be a slow burn project I think.

      Yeah, that last one is a favourite of mine, I've just never decided upon a colour scheme for him. I don't want to fuck him up. I may try & paint him soon, should help with my painting woes too.

      I never thought there were so many variations on the word haemorrhoid :/ the possibilities are endless I tell you, endless!!!!!

      Cheers Ace.

  4. Wow, haemorroid semantic issues apart (how did I come with such kind of phrase...??), I love your Orksies and the conversions, they look totally cool!!

    1. Thanks Suber!

      I can feel the mojo coming back as I type this, goading from your peers always helps :)