Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Remember this old thing?

In a galaxy a long, long, bloody loooooong time ago I began construction on a Hovertank to use alongside my other Helsreach creation. Now, I could just say that I got distracted by something else and lost interest, but that'd be bullshit. The real reason I stopped working in on it was that I was beginning to feel a little daunted with all the airbrushing OSL work that I knew I'd be needing to carry out soonish. So, I just left it in it's 2/3 finished state for almost two years.....christ! I didn't realise that it was that long ago until I began writing this post just now.

Anyway, enough waffle from me. On with the show;

I know, I know.....the diorama doesn't suit it, but I ain't got no desert scenery yet ok!

Front door.

The front sidey bit.

The noisy end.

Disco lights in full swing. The inhabitants of Helsreach really know how to party :)

The shot from above, or something?

Control panel, with a poorly lit photo from me.

Look! It has a flip top lid too! For mini insertion......mmmmmm, insertion!

The ubiquitous teddy bear up front. Every heavy vehicle has to have one of these.

My "almost" successful OSL on the engines.

More of the same.

An arrow pointing to something a glowing thing that gets hot?

Oil leaks, good mechanics are hard to find on Helsreach.

More streaking mess along the sides of the hull. Roadworthy check? Fail!

The big arse boom stick & a shark maw. Nothing says "get outta mar fuckin way hombre" like a set of shark teeth. 

An oil pipe with yet another leak, a Heavy bolter and a cow herder on steroids up front.

Now comes the staged disco photo shoot. Kulo and a few of his gang were volunteered;

Nothing gets the boys more psyched prior to battle than havin a boogey on the Hovertank dance floor.

"Iz a liket up eer, Iz kan shoot a lot a umies!"

"Oi! wats dat out eer?"

"Iz kan see ya, but yooz karnt see me. Muhahaha"

Once the disco's over, the REAL fun begins.

The Hovertank and Co. on the lawn, in front of a fake brick wall. Really helps to set the scene now doesn't it :)

Ok, now some boring critiques from me. Hold on! Here goes;

I'm a bit annoyed with the weathering, again. I think I overdid it.....again! If I compare it to the the state it was in before I took to it with the oils, pigments and other paint stuff that I used, then I can see that I've covered up a lot of it's original colour. It turned out ok, just a tad too much on the aged look for my taste.

The OSL on the engines looks too flat as well. More time spent with the airbrush probably would have helped I think. I didn't lay enough coats down to make it "pop" enough. Oh well, live and learn I guess.

I was going to give this thing a name or put some personal graffiti on it, but I couldn't think of anything suitably corny or witty on both fronts, so in the end I just gave up and left it plain, bar a few transfers :)

The photo's are a bit crap too, coz it was too damn big to fit it my light box. I had to rely on my ceiling lights instead :( Sorry guys.

Wow! Quite a lot of whinging from me hey? But overall I'm pretty happy with the beast. I'm just a bit disappointed with how some of the elements turned out. It's still gunna be a lot of fun to use in game though. I foresee a lot of unfortunate individuals getting run down with it.

Actually, now that I think of it, can anyone think of a really cool, kick arse name for it? The winner will receive an overly enthusiastic -e pat on the back- from yours truly  :D

Cheers :)


  1. Looks brilliant!

    As for a name I can only think of 'The Big Brown break down'

    1. I love it Riot! Very funny name indeed :)

      Glad you like it.

  2. My God Man!! ...(slap slap) Shake it off!! (slap slap)... FUCKING BRILLIANT!!!!

    ...seriously...this is beyond are an artist!

    1. Usually when I've been referred to as an artist, it's with the addition of the word "bullshit" in front of it :)

      I'm happy that you liked it so much that you thought it more than mere brilliant Blue:D

      Cheers mate :)

  3. I love it all, apart from the sharks teeth.

    1. Well, you love most of it Phil, that's good enough for me :)


  4. Replies
    1. Excellent model btw, I love the lighting

    2. Creative name choice Paul! And I see your a fan of the mobile dance floor too.....a man of impeccable taste :)

  5. Amazing. I live the osl. Is that just Lord of thin layers airbrushed on? I've never tried it with an airbrush.

    1. Yeah, just started off with straight red on the extremity, then worked up from orange, yellow to pure white in the centre. I have done OSL successfully by drybrushing before, as you may be able to pick out on the back of the vehicle? Those blue tail lights, they were done by hand. I generally only do it by hand on small items. The rest of the beast was all done with an airbrush. I think my mistake was that the airbrush paint I was using wasn't quite opaque enough, poor coverage. Lesson learned :)

      Anyway, I'm glad you like it Andrew

  6. 'Awesome' is a total undestatement! Bloody great, man. Two years, seriously? I remember you building it, but didn't think it was so long ago! Anyway, the wait has been totally worth of, marvellous work!

    1. Thanks Suber :) I hadn't realised it was soooooo long ago either :D All I know is that it sat on my shelf for ages!

      Thanks mate :)

  7. Oh yeah, glad you finished this bad-boy up mate, it's pretty damn special... I think you nailed the weathering perfectly! I'm crap at names, but how about the Sand Shark? Also, who is that mucho coolo fat bastardo hiding in the drivers seat in the last photo, eh?!?!?!?

    1. I still can't think of a name either.....damn old age!!!! Sand Shark sounds ok :)

      Oh, the fat guy? He's just a wannabe ruler of the whole damn galaxy :P

      Cheers Leady :)

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Bring it back!!!! :D

      Your comments were great Leadhead! I got an email of it :)

      I'm all for frank opinions here, so don't be shy.....let it out.

  9. Only thing I'd agree with is the osl lacking depth, I think it needs to go to pure white.
    Apart from that it looks brilliant, all of it.

    1. Yeah, it's definitely lacking that "pop" factor isn't it. I'm a bit wary of doing OSL now after a few failed attempts. It's all too easy to stuff up all your hard work, just with being over enthusiastic with the airbrush trigger :) I decided to er on the side of caution this time.

      I'm liking it the more I look at it. It should be fun to game with I reckon....might have to have a go at ramming the Walker with it?

      Thanks for the feedback mate & have a jolly good Xmas. Eat & drink till ya puke :D

  10. Boss

    With that fine piece of art I am pleased to say that you got my subscribtion now.
    I haven't played in any tabletop wargame for over a decade, but after watching all those fine figures I am sure that I will buy some Ork boyz again and scratchbuild some Wagons for them.

    Thank you for all those nostalgic feels that this blog gives me right now.

    1. Your most welcome Ranalcus :)

      I'm feel pretty humble to know that my hobby machinations have inspired you to start mini painting again. I look forward to seeing your kitbashing too.....I love it :)

      Have you got a blog I can check out too?

      Cheers & welcome aboard.

    2. Hi. Thanks, now I start to post on my GF's blog
      She is mostly into Anime Figures/Nendoroids. I am into Gunam/mecha model kits and Tamiya Mini4wd. But thanks too maybe I will start once more to collect (only SMALL AMOUNT not like 4000+ points of Orks) wargame miniatures.

    3. Wow! Your GF really likes those Japanese dolls huh :)

      I like "some" of the Gundams, but only the ones that are suitable to roughen up & turn into Siege Dreadnoughts. I've done a few in the past. There's a completed example & another that's almost finished on my blog if your interested. There's also a Walker that I made, using the legs from an old Destroid.....I'm an old Robotech fan from way back :)

      Some of the old Orks can be picked up quite cheaply on Ebay. They made sooooo many of them and their not really that sought after for some reason. So you don't have to break the bank to collect a small warband.

      Cheers Ranalcus :)

    4. Yep old Macross/Robotech is GOLD, the new one not fits my taste.
      For the Gundams - I dislike "gundams" i prefer more "bulky" robots like Zaku or Rick Dom, not "blue , red, yellow on white slimbots". Ruged, masive, clunky "grunt" mobile suits from the series.

      And hose are figures, not "dolls", a bit bigger figures than tabletop minis but stil those figures. When I will learn better how to paint eyes I want to try paint those few "garage kits" (resin "model like" figures) that I stll have

    5. Also:
      I was thinking about Mordheim or Bloodbowl. It is cheaper and every figure can be a "special snowflake" instead of a "block" of 40 identical cannon fodder troops.

      And for Gundam kit - Man Rodi will be on my workshop in January, so I would be happy if you post some ideas about it on my blog, if you could.

    6. I'll just give you the heads up, Google translate from Polish to English is not very good. I had a look at your GFs' blog yesterday and Google made it really bloody hard to understand :(

      I'll check it out when you post it up though, interested to see your creation.

      Cheers :)

    7. Ok, I will try to translate my every posts into english.
      And yes, google translate sometimes can work weird, I use it mostly for Japanese blogs to translate into English (translating Japanese into Polish looks just like a birth of Chaos Spawn)

    8. Don't bust a gut man :D

      If it's easy for you to write in English and you are happy to do so then by all means go right ahead. No pressure :)

      Unfortunately I can only speak English and a little Thai :(

      Google is getting better ask the time with translation, it was really really bad a few years ago, but it still has a long way to go. Especially with slang and terminology that's uncommon.....particularly in our hobby :)

      Anyway, don't translate it just for me. I'll figure it out :)


    9. "All the time", oops typo :)

    10. Most of people that are into Model kits/Gundams/Mini4wd are English speaking, so makins some post in English would help me & my blog a lot.

      I wish you a Happy New Year!
      I hope that the 2017 will be even better for you, that you will recive what you want and need.
      You and your family will be safe and sound.
      Happy New Year!

      (Still here is 11:20 AM but better safe than sorry)

  11. I actually audibly gasped when I saw this.

    Its wonderful.

    I suggest that you name it by painting "Your Momma" on the side.

    1. Well hot dog Cheetor :) Thanks man, glad it made you inhale so loudly :D

      "Your Momma"? obscene name for the beast? Sound's doable :) Let me think on it. Thanks for the suggestion.

      Cheers :)

  12. It's well worth the wait. And if you're wanting more of a name and less of a title . . . how about Mathilda? Sounds like someone Kulo could love on. Does the walker have a name? If Auntie Grav is to be employed by Mutie the Pig you could coordinate.

    1. Thanks Composer :)

      Yeah, a name might be a good idea for it too! Not sure about Matilda, but I think your onto something :)

      And a happy new year to you also :)

  13. Replies
    1. Yes, I am aren't I. Why thank you for your accurate character assessment of me :DDDD

      Glad you like the old jalopy mate :)

      See you in a while crocodile.