Monday, 16 May 2016


Evening all,

Kulos' having a bath at the moment so I thought I'd do something else while I waited;

The topic of today's post is all about the MK 14 Bullock jet cycle. First illustrated by Pete Knifton, way back 1987 I think? His vision of what an RT jet bike should look like was the "ducks guts" in my opinion. But unfortunately, when the actual mini was released, I thought it looked shite. The reason's? Let me list them for you from my lofty position:

Firstly the poor guy can't even sit in the damn thing. I think I understand why GW went this way....using the placky marines from the RBT01 range was an easy fit. Whatever the real reason, they just look plain wrong standing in the saddle :(

Second, The bike is way too small. Reminds me of those monkeys you see in Circus acts. You know the ones, where they force the poor chimp to ride a kids bike around the circus arena dressed up as a

Third, the sculpting is really quite poor. Not much detailing on the bike itself & the side skirt thingy looks like it was knocked up in a couple of minutes....really, I'm not joking! I kinda get the impression that it was rushed through production.

Lastly, and most importantly, it just doesn't have any real "presence" on the pretend battlefield. The "I'm a bad hombre riding a big fuck off jet bike", kinda presence! The only image that comes to my mind when I see them is "Look! Here's comes something that looks like a monkey fucking a football!" It's a bit of an extreme description, but it's the true, full-stop!

So, what's the point to all my venting? Well, I aim to rectify the manifold design deficiencies in the original. No matter how personally ill conceived they may be. Come hell or high water I'm gunna make this thing look as suitably intimidating as I possibly can....the way Pete Knifton envisaged it to be way back in 87.

I'm gunna take this travesty:

And turn it into this:

This is Roebeasts awesome colourised version of Pete Kniftons' original Illustration. What a beast!

Here are the main areas I'll be concentrating on modifying:

Hopefully, once all these steps have been carried out it should look the goods :)

I've already begun a small part of this project by modifying a set of RBT01 legs, so that the poor bugger can can sit in the seat.

Yet another project to occupy my time with :)


  1. Wow, it looks like you have a plan! Looking forward to seeing it into action :)

    1. It's actually almost complete, just haven't gotten around to writing up a blog post about it yet.

      Glad your enjoying it Suber :)