Monday, 11 April 2016

The Wolf Time character's are done man!

I was able to finish off the Space wolf characters for the Wolf Time campaign a few days ago. I had to wait for a chainsword to arrive from a bits trader before I could complete the last one, the one pictured all his plastic majesty!

Bionic eye made from a cardboard rivet & bent piece of wire, snazzy!

Have chainsword, will carve!

How many plastic surgery cuts can you spot in this pic?

Up on his tippy toes, trying to get off this damn base!!!

I thought I'd do a bit of a tutorial on how I modified this guy, so here goes,

Step 1: Arms.

To get the outstretched arm holding the chainsword I had to select the best candidate to chop up. There's only a couple of options (both L&R) with the RBT01 kit to choose from. But because the detail is quite basic you can use either side for the opposite appendage if you want. In this case I didn't need to, but I thought I'd mention it anyway.

Out of the two left arm options I chose the one on the right for this particular chop job.

I then removed the hand at the wrist & arm from the shoulder joint. Drilled up through the guts of
them, test fit a paper clip & bent it to the desired position.

Repeated the process for the chainsword.

Then slammed them all together & glued the bastard!!!!!!!

To add strength & fill in the gaps I'll later use the "filla powda & super glue"
trick....mentioned during my repairing broken slotta tabs tutorial.

Step 2: Legs.

There's two to choose from on the sprue, but they both have similar problems. The first issue, they both have their hips rotated at a downward angle, almost at 45 degrees. Which is "fine" for general poses, but it really does limits your choices. And there's no easy fix for it either! You can't just cut the legs off at the hips and rotate the groin around into a perpendicular position. Not only will his knees be knocking together, but he'll also end up looking like he's sitting on the loo too.....not a great look on the pretend battlefield now is it?

The second problem is that the legs aren't aligned along any axis. What I mean by this statement is that when viewed from the front or side, the thigh & shin are misaligned at the knee. He's basically bow legged. The only exception to this is the right leg of the right set of legs, but he's good in only one axis (viewed from the front), but his foot is angled off....not much of a gain.

What this all boils down to is that you really need to do some major surgery to the hip or knee joints, as well as the groin, if you want to change their pose....into a convincing pose that is! If your aim is to make them look all fucked up & mutated then just do a basic "cut & shut"'ll be in heaven!

The two leg options in the RBT01 kit.

Left leg removed & discarded. I shaved a fair amount off the groin at the hip joint too.

Replaced the original left leg with one from the other set of legs (pictured on the right here), shaved the hip joint
 on the leg at an angle & repositioned his toe. Original left leg (on the left) shown for comparison.

Only modification to his right leg was just pointing his toes down. 

Here he is, "pre-armed".

Ok, so he was the last main dude to be finished....or "almost" finished. Gotta add a few little things to them here and there & then they'll all be warm & toasty. I took a group shot of them in their current state, posing in imaginary threatening poses to my camera, enjoy:

L-R: Commander Enoch, Captain Greylock & Storm.

L-R: Captain Inferno, Librarian Edrigar & Navigator Durlan Ocellati.

These guys will get the attention the deserve once all the other members of the contingent are finished off.

Bye for now :)


  1. SO much cool I peed a little. You've got balls not to pin arms to the body but maybe I'm just a pinnning freak ;)

    1. Well, that'll teach you for not wearing your adult nappies now won't it :P

      Why don't I pin at the shoulder joints? After I've pinned the upper arm to the shoulder pad there's not a lot of room to pin into the shoulder as well. If the arm lines up with the shoulder then yeah I'll pin straight up into the body too. But generally I find that as long as I use a fair amount of glue in the socket then it's strong enough. There's not enough weight in the arms to cause any real issue I reckon. Saying all this though, I usually pin everywhere else like a madman :)

      cheers buddy.

  2. Looking good man - great to see RTB01 bits getting some love! Looks like fiddly work, but it'll be worth it

    1. Yeah, it is a bit, but it's nice feeling when you get to see them in a new pose. I've got a bunch more that I've repositioned that I took photos of, might do a photo dump at some stage.

      Cheers Balloony :)

  3. Fuck, man, this is cool!! You are assembling them to kick some asses, they look great!

    1. I like your excitement Suber :)

      I think I'll have to show off a few more of them that I've finished then hey?

      More to follow dude :)

  4. Lovely conversion! He looks great!

    1. Thanks Mouse, I'm happy with how he turned out too.

      Cheers :)

  5. Nicely done. I've never seen the old plucky beaches used like that before but now you've got me thinking that I should be scouring ebay looking for a set to butcher. I'm watching this project develop with keen interest.

    1. Yeah, you can pick them up pretty cheaply by the dozen sometimes. But I must warn you that it was a real pain in the neck scrubbing sixty odd legs, torsos, left arms, right arms, backpacks & assorted accessories. So if that doesn't daunt you then go for it :)

      I modified a few other guys in "interesting" ways, so I might do another blog post showing off the rest of them?

      Glad your liking my butchery so far :D