Monday, 26 May 2014

Ultramarine's, hut hut hut hut!!!

Hello fellow miniature fiends,

Hope you got the "Blues Brothers" inference in the title. If not....oh well.

Just finished putting the finishing touches on 30 odd space marines today. Three different chapters, two of which had not gotten past the base coat stage for just over twenty years!!!!

The other chapter I'd put together a couple of years ago, but couldn't decide on the final paint scheme, so it sat idle too.

I think I'll post up the Ultramarine's for today.

First up, the group shots. Couldn't fit them all in one shot without them appearing as ants, so I split then into three.

My attempt at Dave Andrew's paint scheme -mentioned in my original post- hand painted insignia and everything!!!!

Now, here's the individual shots;

Tried adding rusty bits and pieces to all the bases.

Sponsored by shell, for when a nice, clean, even burn is required.

I gave the Sarge his rank insignia, Christ that was hard to free hand!

 Bloody Eldar arm laying at his feet.

It's a bit hard to discern from the photo, but there's an Eldar head in amongst all that gore.

Must be the cook?

Look, I only have a knife, not a power fist hidden behind my back!

I'm yet to see a convincing colour scheme for the RT rocket launchers. So I just
settled with metallic drybrush over black. Can't go wrong with oldschool.

Mutilated lower section of yet another Eldar.

Bog stock space marine pose.

I'm pretty happy with how these guys turned out. A couple of drybrush layers, followed by a few ink washes was all it took to get their armour done.

You like?


  1. Nicely done Ultramarines, always good to see old RTB101 Space Marines :)

  2. The dots in the eyes make the models for me. Neat idea.

    1. Yeah, I never really paid much attention to the dots they did in the old days, but I think they look a lot better than the modern "lense look", and there a damn sight easier to achieve too.

      How's that terrain coming along old buddy, old pal???

  3. I found some old Space marines (think it's the incarnation after the ones shown here) and I can't remember all the insignia, weapons symbols etc.

    Anyone know where I can look them up. All get in a search is the new stuff, which has all changed in 20 years :)

    Beardy Dave

    1. If you type in "second edition" I think you'll find what your looking for :)