Monday 20 August 2018

Back with a big bastard!

Hello and welcome back to the sporadic adventures of my blogging life.

Here I present to you a mini that I was gifted with by a mate back in Aus. A complete surprise and a bloody fantastic mini that I've wanted for a while. Cheers James :) As soon as I got back from Aus with him he quickly got shifted to the front of the painting queue.

Where I promptly faffed him up with this horrible blue colour scheme. It wasn't all THAT bad, but I think he would have looked a lot better if I'd chosen a lighter shade of blue to begin with. Oh well, lessons learned and all that. So, into the stripping jar he went and I began again in earnest. 

I'm much happier with how he turned out the second time around. The mini is fairly well detailed, with popping veins and lots of muscle definition, so it was just begging for a few washes.

If your curious to know what mini he is, he's an old Warzone mini "Razide". Last time I checked he was still available from Prince August minis. In RT I think I'll stat him as an Ogryn, but for other games he'll make for a great chaos warp dude....or something. Should make for a fun baddie to use on the pretend battlefield either way.

Anyway, a quick one today. Enjoy :)