Friday 5 January 2018

Risen from the grave!

Sorry for the lack of posts, but my head exploded. Don't worry though, I'm all better now. Let's get on with the show shall we.

This post is all about the spaceship that I began building early last year. I lost interest when I got to the landing gear as it looked like it was going to be too fiddly and tedious to complete. So there it sat, in it's half finished state, till now.

Decided to pulled my finger out about a month ago and finally got it done. Here tis:

Landing gear bay doors done.

Windscreen made from cardboard and old sprue.

The Balustraded section on the top was made from old sprue, a hatch from a Rhino kit and plastic grating for the walkway.

Lower windows were made from plastic card and the window frame from wire.

Quite tricky to make the front of the ship conform to the original contour, but I got there in the end. 

Nothing much has changed from this angle.

The entrance door was pretty fun to figure out. I don't play with magnets that much, but sometimes they are indispensable.

Still got a little more detailing work to do inside the entrance area.

The dreaded landing gear. The hydraulic cylinders were made from sprue and copper wire.

Chin gun made from an old PS2 laser and two Zoid guns.

All put together, with a magnet on top. 

Titchy little magnet installed underneath.


Top gun made from a few more Zoid guns and a piece of wood from a toy kit. This is removable as well.

The most difficult part of this build, as I already mentioned, was the landing legs. How to fit functional landing gear into the small opening, yet make them look substantial enough so as to appear believable. I'm still not totally convinced that I've managed to pull it off, but I suppose I'll find out when I paint it. It's now primed it and next comes the colouring in part.

Till next time :)